Free e-Books

Please help us distribute these free e-books:

UPDATED: Yusuf Estes & His Teachings About the Quran (PDF) – Version 2.0

The Dusseldorf 1250 Con Exposed (PDF) – Version 1.3

Regarding Those Who Say Hatred is not From Islam (PDF)

The Written Mushaf is Actually the Quran (PDF)

Ten Brief Responses to Ten Recent Claims (PDF)

The author states openly that he allows unconditional free distribution of the e-books to all readers everywhere.  They may also be freely uploaded, printed, and distributed in their original forms, for informational purposes, not for profit.

One response to “Free e-Books

  1. To all my brothers, because I love you for the sake of Allah … Remember when the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) became angry and his face became red when he spoke about innovation in religion and there was no innovation at that time. This may seem a lot to read but it’s fully worth it. Barakallah feekum …

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