The information found in this website is taken from two main sources:

  • the websites and TV programs of Yusuf Estes directly (quoted with each article individually)
  • a detailed e-book written by a student of knowledge at Umm al-Qura University (click here to download it – PDF)

We openly present all of our sources with every article, so that our readers can confidently investigate the accuracy of anything stated here.

Furthermore, this website is maintained under the direct supervision of a student of knowledge, Moosaa Richardson.

3 responses to “Sources

  1. ASALAM to you brother Musa..
    why don’t any of the concerned scholars send some brothers to all of this misguided imposter venues and warn people about his hypocracy b4 they actually go to listen to this deceiver..or better still print some flyers beforehand warning people of his blasphemies..wasalam

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