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Latest News About the Condition of Yusuf Estes

By Allah’s Permission alone, the news and clarifications offered on this website and others regarding the current condition of Yusuf Estes and his teachings about the Quran have produced some very positive results, praise be to Allah alone!

This page covers the latest developments and progress with the clarifications of the serious errors propagated by Yusuf Estes, and we thank Allah for His Guidance and ask him to increase us all.


Senior Muslim scholar Shaykh Saalih al-Luhaydaan warns against the corrupt teachings of Yusuf Estes, adding: “He is either ignorant or a caller to misguidance.”

As detailed in the news below dated Jumaadaa Al-Oolaa 8, 1435 (03-10-2014).

American preacher Khalid Yasin has been discovered spreading Yusuf Estes’ brand of modern Jahmiyyah: “The Quran is not mushaf.”

As detailed in the news below dated Jumaadaa Al-Oolaa 4, 1435 (03-06-2014).

Early 1420’s (2000’s) to Summer 1433 (2012)

Yusuf Estes spreads the teachings of the Jahmiyyah as he travels to various places all over the world. [Archived with details here.]

Summer 1433 (2012)

Recognized as sheer falsehood and violations of basic Muslim beliefs, the previously mentioned teachings are investigated by students of knowledge, verified, and gathered.  Scholars are consulted about the mistakes and how to handle them.

Shawwaal 2, 1433 (08-20-2012)

Yusuf Estes shows no interest in learning about his mistakes from the scholars of Islam, insists his teachings are that of the “true scholars of Islam”, advises followers to read Iranian Shiite teachings. [Archived with details here.]

Shawwaal 3, 1433 (08-21-2012)

Confused follower asks Yusuf Estes to explain his contradictory teachings. [Archived with details here.]

Shawwaal 5, 1434 (08-23-2012)

The confused questioner forwards the correspondence to Moosaa Richardson for clarification, who replies to both the questioner and Yusuf Estes himself (CC-ing Estes). [Archived with details here.]

Shawwaal 8, 1433 (08-26-2012)

The day of public clarification arrives.  A detailed and informative 57-page PDF is published on, and more words of sharp advice are sent privately to Yusuf Estes. [Archived with details here.]

Shawwaal 9, 1433 (08-27-2012)

Yusuf Estes removes the Shiite article by the Iranian Ayatollah from his website, apologizes ambiguously. [Archived with details here.]

Shawwaal 10, 1433 (08-28-2012)

Yusuf Estes begins to address some of the criticism on his website “Islam News Room” using tactics described by critics as deceitful. [Archived with details here.]

On this day, (this website) was launched to help the clarifications of the errors of Yusuf Estes reach a broader audience.  May Allah bless it and make is a source of benefit for the Muslims.

Shawwaal 11, 1433 (08-29-2012)

Yusuf Estes responds to the email sent earlier (8-21-2012) asking for clarification, with tactics again described by his critics as deceitful. Yusuf begins to question whether he knows what he is talking about or not. [Archived with details here.]

Shawwaal 13, 1433 (08-31-2012)

Yusuf Estes gives the Friday khutbah against scholarly advise, speaks about his beliefs, and blames his critics for not having anything better to do with their time. [Archived with details here.]

Shawwaal 14, 1433 (09-01-2012)

On the “Islam News Room” website, Yusuf Estes exposes Bakkah. On this day, a concise 14-page PDF is published. [Archived with details here.]

Shawwaal 15, 1433 (09-02-2012)

Yusuf Estes responds to the issues with a Youtube video called, “Quran NOT Just a Book.” [Archived with details here.]

Shawwaal 16, 1433 (09-03-2012)

Yusuf Estes becomes active on Twitter and his own Youtube channel, refers to the discussion of his errors as “fruitless debate”. [Archived with details here.]

An updated title appears on the Islam News Room site, “What We Thought All Along – Quran is a Book,” with words described once again by his critics as deceitful. [Archived with details here.]

The Regional Director of Huda TV in Egypt takes the first step to publicly correct some of the teachings of Yusuf Estes. [Archived with details here.]

Shawwaal 18, 1433 (09-05-2012)

One of Yusuf Estes’ Huda TV co-stars rejects his teachings, without implicating him by name. [Archived with details here.]

Shawwaal 28, 1433 (09-15-2012)

Green Lane Masjid (UK) posts a YouTube video featuring two of Yusuf Estes’ Huda TV co-stars, Assim al-Hakeem and Abu Usamah Ath-Thahabi, both agreeing that he needs to recant and correct his beliefs.

Thul-Qi’dah 3, 1433 (09-19-2012)

A brief response to some confusion created by the Huda TV stars at the Green Lane Masjid (UK) is published, exposing some shocking realities of those who try to demonize and blame the Muslims for clarifying important errors in basic Muslim belief. [Archived with details here.]

Thul-Qi’dah 8, 1433 (09-24-2012)

After a month since the clarification was published, and without a word of any meaningful retraction or hint of clarification, and after numerous attempts by many people around the world to talk sense into his head and remind him to fear Allah, only resulting in arrogance and the stance that he will ride it out and let the criticism pass (!), a campaign to raise awareness is officially launched. [Archived with details here.]

Thul-Qi’dah 19, 1433 (10-05-2012)

A website explaining the dangerous beliefs of Yusuf Estes is launched in Arabic, to help raise awareness among our Arabic speaking brothers and sisters. [Archived with details here.]

Thul-Qi’dah 22, 1433 (10-08-2012)

Yusuf Estes traveling to Tokyo, Japan to give lectures about his ideas on Islam.  May Allah protect the unsuspecting Muslims of Japan from the dangerous teachings of Yusuf Estes. [Archived with details here.]

Thul-Hijjah 13, 1433 (10-29-2012)

Yusuf Estes has been appearing on “ex-Shiite” Persian TV channels for years, while they stipulate that “they don’t want to hear about Sunni and Shia!”  [Archived with details here.]

Thul-Hijjah 23, 1433 (11-08-2012)

Videos of Yusuf Estes containing some of the blasphemous errors outlined in this website continue to be re-uploaded to YouTube by various users all around the world.  New programs from Huda TV containing the errors of the Jahmiyyah Cult have appeared just today[Example archived here.] Other videos with some of the worst of his errors have also been re-uploaded several times since the clarifications have begun, showing the need for this website, a continual source of clarifications on issues of apostasy that continue to plague the Muslims trying to learn their Religion.

Safar 22, 1434 (01-04-2013)

The steps of Yusuf’s deceitful cover-up are detailed, as his sloppy cover-ups leave clear evidence of scandal for all to see.  More clear lies of Yusuf Estes are exposed, and the slippery slope of treachery yields little benefit. [Archived with details here.]

Rabee’ al-Awwal 5, 1434 (01-17-2013)

Announcements spread about the planned visit of Yusuf Estes to Bahrain in February 2013, in sha’ Allah. Muslims of Bahrain are advised with some important precautionary steps to avoid misguidance. [Archived with details here.]

Rabee’ al-Awwal 6, 1434 (01-18-2013)

The careless and irresponsible administration of Masjid Attawheed in Carnegie, Pennsylvania, sponsor Yusuf Estes to give a Friday khutbah (sermon), after being warned about the many deviations he teaches.  Not only did they take action to prevent clarifications and correct beliefs from reaching their community members, they gave Yusuf Estes the chance to explain that Allah “positioned” Himself over His Throne, like how Muslims position themselves for prayer in rows, adding a new false teaching of tash-beeh to the long list of statements of apostasy being taught by Yusuf Estes. [Archived with details here.]

Rabee’ al-Awwal 17, 1434 (01-29-2013)

After months of translation, careful editing and review, a highly beneficial website in French launches aimed at correcting the false teachings of Yusuf Estes in the French language – The website hosts the informative PDF with clarifies the deviance of Yusuf Estes for the French speaking Muslims and guides them to the correct beliefs of Ahlus-Sunnah, by Allah’s Permission. [Archived with details here.]

Rabee’ al-Awwal 19, 1434 (01-31-2013)

Possibly a huge turning point in the direction of his da’wah, on this day Yusuf Estes openly announces his new alliance with Suhaib Webb, the sufi ash’ari.  He publishes a picture of them both embracing, and says: “We were honored by Sheikh Suhaib Webb by a visit to our community here in Columbus, Ohio. While he was here we discussed many things about the condition of our ummah and the dawah here in America. It seems we are all on the same page when it comes to bringing the message to our youth and non-Muslims.” [Archived with details here.]

Rabee’ al-Awwal 28, 1434 (02-09-2013)

A massive multimedia library is now available – an indexed collection of Yusuf Estes Youtube videos, clearing outlining his deviations is basic creed.  [Archived with details here.]

Rabee’ al-Aakhar 23, 1434 (03-06-2013)

On their official Youtube channel, Huda TV continues to spread the worst of the Yusuf Estes videos containing a revival of the disbelief of the filthy Jahmiyyah cults. The same old garbage: The Quran is not a physical book that you can hold in your hand, the mus-haf only represents the Quran, the mus-haf is like paper money, etc[Archived with details here.]

Jumaadaa al-Oolaa 11, 1434 (03-23-2013)

On his website, IslamNewsRoom, Yusuf Estes recommends people to watch the same old series of his videos, the Beauties of Islam, which contain some of the most disgusting teachings of Jahmee disbelief ever brought into the English language.  The offensive videos he recommends on this day were just uploaded to his website, TubeIslam.  Maybe he has sincerely repented from teaching the disbelief of the Jahmiyyah for the past ten years, but he just keeps forgetting and spreads their disbelief again and again…?  Maybe.  How long will his fans hold on to explanations like this? [Archived with details here.]

Jumaadaa al-Oolaa 16, 1434 (03-28-2013)

The offensive video mentioned in the last news update has been removed, without explanation.  Is Yusuf Estes covering his tracks or honestly repenting from spreading disbelief? Teaching disbelief and then removing it without explanation indicates the former. Anyway, the internet today has one less video of Yusuf Estes teaching disbelief, wal-hamdulillah.

Jumaadaa al-Aakhirah 16, 1434 (04-26-2013)

Shaykh ‘Abdur-Rahmaan Muhyiud-Deen, retired Professor at the Islamic University of Madeenah and Mufti at the Prophet’s Masjid, speaks about one of the more disturbing teachings spread by Yusuf Estes – that Islam does not require a Muslim to hate anyone. In the course of a detailed scholarly explanation of the moderate balance needed in a Muslim’s heart, the shaykh identifies the one who spreads such falsehood as: Astray, leading others astray… he does not know about Islam… the Shaytaan has spoken upon his tongue…, etc. [Archived with details here.]

Jumaadaa al-Aakhirah 24, 1434 (05-04-2013)

Yusuf Estes updates one of his websites just today with more teachings of the Jahmiyyah. He instructs those who wish to call non-Muslims to Islam to, firstly and foremostly, “Let them know that the Quran is not a book…” [Archived with details here.]

Rajab 9, 1434 (05-19-2013)

In a wikileak “jahmi-leak” released today [click here], Yusuf Estes is caught on video manufacturing a number of lies against Muslim students and organizations, in order to distract people from his serious errors in basic Muslim belief. Faced with the burning question, “Did you really say the Quran is not a book?” he creates a smokescreen of lies and slander, saying that we have called him a shiite, then a sufi, and then a non-Muslim.  He claims this is all here on our website. (100% false) Packed with other lies, abusive name-calling, and defense of ikhwani figureheads, the video is a tell-all dose of reality for all those thinking that Yusuf Estes is “almost ready to clarify his errors…”! ( YouTube / Safeshare ) [Archived with details here.]

Rajab 13, 1434 (05-23-2013)

Yusuf Estes comments on the leaked video of his slander, asking, “Can we agree to disagree?” He pretends to appreciate the criticism after calling the critic “a shaytan” who “thinks he’s doing something for Islam,” and slandering him and others with a number of baseless lies. [Archived with details here.]

No, Yusuf Estes, Ahlus-Sunnah can not “agree to disagree” with anyone in matters of basic Muslim belief from the Book, the Sunnah, and the consensus of the Muslims. This is a game you can play with Ash’aris like Suhaib Webb and Qaradhawi, not with Ahlus-Sunnah(Screenshot of Yusuf’s comment)

Rajab 25, 1434 (06-04-2013)

Another ridiculous fatwa from Yusuf Estes is discovered, a 2010 edict in favor of celebrating Thanksgiving along with non-Muslims, including an encouragement to fast on the day of Thanksgiving, in order to facilitate closeness to them on their holiday, while not eating the possibly impermissible meats they serve. [Archived with details here.]

Sha’ban 14, 1434 (06-23-2013)

Yusuf Estes posts a number of comments on YouTube under his personal account, adding more lies and deception to a snowballing work of treachery weaved to trick unsuspecting Muslims into accepting false beliefs. [Archived with details here.]

Sha’ban 19, 1434 (06-28-2013)

Yusuf Estes’ “Islam Newsroom” website announces the first day of Ramadhan ten days before Muslims would even begin looking for the crescent! Sharp advice is sent to Yusuf Estes, reminding him to fear Allah and stop interfering with the Muslims’ practice of Islam. Requests to intervene are sent to three of Yusuf’s teachers. An innocent question pops up on Yusuf’s website: “Don’t we have moonsighting?” [Archived with details here.]

Sha’ban 23, 1434 (07-02-2013)

Senior scholar and member of the Permanent Committee of Scholars in Saudi Arabia, Shaykh Saalih al-Fowzaan was asked about one of the worst of Yusuf Estes’ deviant teachings – that there is not hatred in Islam, and a Muslim is not required to hate anyone to be a Muslim. The shaykh rejects this concept with clear proofs from the Quran, concluding that love and hatred are from the most essential beliefs of Islam, and that a person’s claim to be a Muslim without them is INVALID. [Archived with details here.]

Ramadhan 1, 1434 (07-10-2013)

On a live Ramadan TV program, Yusuf Estes exposes more about his stance on private advice sent to him regarding his false teachings. He demonizes an advisor who apparently reached out to him to try and explain that his open statements about the non-Muslims being our brothers in humanity is not acceptable and something that must be retracted. He claims the advisor spoke in a very militant way that scared him, even claiming that the advisor expelled him from Islam!

Ramadhan 17, 1434 (07-26-2013)

Yusuf Estes publishes a plagiarizes an article in praise of scientist Ibn Sina (Avicenna), claiming he was one of the greatest Muslim scholars. Not only was he NOT one of Islam’s greatest scholars, he was not even a Muslim. Shaykh Saalih al-Fowzaan responds to those who would praise and promote him, saying they either do not know anything about him and thus have no right to speak or they are disbelievers like him. [Archived with details here.]

Shawwaal 2, 1434 (08-09-2013)

Disproving those who thought he put all his Jahmiyyah teachings behind him, on this day Yusuf Estes publishes his most obvious support for the beliefs of the Jahmiyyah Cult to date, saying that the Quran came into existence, another statement identified by the scholars of Islam as a statement of apostasy[Archived with details here.]

Shawwaal 4, 1434 (08-11-2013)

Today Yusuf Estes published a disclaimer that he “does not offer fatawah (Islamic rulings) nor does he claim to be the most knowledgeable of scholars.” This and another deceitful lie is exposed and clarified. [Archived with details here.]

Thul-Qi’dah 4, 1434 (09-10-2013)

Today Yusuf Estes republishes his article called “Bible – A Closer Look” which includes the Jahmiyyah concept that “the Quran came into existence.” [Archived with details here.]

Also, a typical week at YouTube is documented – Seven more re-uploads of Jahmiyyah, promotion of Shiite, attacks on scholars, praises of George Bush’s so-called Quranic jihad, etc. [Archived with details here.]

Thul-Qi’dah 16, 1434 (09-22-2013)

Today, Yusuf Estes boards his special GuideUS TV float in the 28th annual United American Muslim Day Parade in New York City. In a parade of neglect for Islamic manners, Muslims block traffic in busy New York streets to display their women, chant political slogans, wave flags, and other flagrant violations of proper Islamic conduct.

The GuideUS TV float appears right behind marchers denouncing Salafism and demanding a birthday parade for the Prophet (may Allah raise his rank and grant him peace). Immediately behind Yusuf Estes marched a mixed group of flag-wavers, including a woman waving the Shiite Iranian flag, as well as an American man waving Louis Farrakhan’s (so-called) “Nation of Islam” flag. “If you have no shame, then do as you wish!” [Archived with details here.]

Safar 2, 1435 (12-05-2013)

Today, a new e-book is published for free distribution: The “Dusseldof 1250” Con Exposed – A detailed exposition of some of the more blatant lies of Yusuf Estes as he requests Muslims to stand up and repeat their shahadah, and then markets the recording of the event as new Muslims converting to Islam.

An important work that helps break down the aversion that some dedicated fans have to the clarifications of his dangerous beliefs and teachings, they say: “How can we accept criticism of a man who gives a lecture and then over a thousand people accept Islam?” The reply: That never happened. [Archived with details here.]

Safar 19, 1435 (12-22-2013)

New depths of Yusuf Estes’ Jahmiyyah are discovered with his claim that the Quran is “NOT a book on this planet!” [Archived with details here.]

Safar 20, 1435 (12-23-2013)

Confirmed statements from Yusuf Estes show his connection to the Khawaarij Sect. Yusuf Estes declares people who lie to be outside of Islam. “…If he tells a lie, he’s not a Muslim. Its as simple as that!” [Archived with details here.]

Rabee’ Ath-Thaanee 10, 1435 (02-12-2014)

Dr. Sayed Jumaa Sallam’s “Jahmi-leak” video from late 2013 is transcribed and published. In it, Yusuf Estes confirms that he has not given up his Jahmi beliefs, and he further slanders and demonizes his critics. [Archived with details here.]

Jumaadaa Al-Oolaa 4, 1435 (03-06-2014)

It has recently been discovered that popular American preacher Khalid Yasin has been teaching Estesite Jahmiyyah, saying that the Quran is not the mushaf, and that Allah did not send down pages out of the sky. The importance of this website is once again confirmed as Jahmiyyah continues to spread in America. [Archived with details here.]

Jumaadaa Al-Oolaa 8, 1435 (03-10-2014)

Some of the corrupt beliefs and teachings of Yusuf Estes about the Quran were presented to the senior scholar Shaykh Saalih al-Luhaydaan (may Allah preserve him), who called them “corrupt” and warned that someone who speaks in such a way should not be referred to as an Islamic caller, as he is either ignorant or calling to misguidance (intentionally). [Archived with details here.]

Click here for more up to date news items about Yusuf Estes, his errors and (hopefully) retractions, and the campaign to raise awareness about his misleading teachings.

15 responses to “Latest News

    • Yusuf Estes (may Allah guide him) openly teaches that the Ja’fari (Shiite) “math-hab” is legitimate and normal, and so a person is allowed to ascribe to it by calling himself a “Ja’fari”. He even claims that al-Azhar University officially recognizes the Ja’fari math-hab. This is not true, and it seems to be rooted in Shiite propaganda (their lying, or “taqiya”).

      He also believes using words like “Sunni” and “Salafi” causes division among the Muslims.

      He has recommended the writing of Iranian Ayatollah Muhammad Hadi Marifat from official Shiite publications, and refers to this ayatollah as one of the scholars of Islam. (Proofs for all three of these claims are here at

      It is possible that all of these things are just some wild mistakes of a very ignorant Muslim. HOWEVER, since he doesn’t seem willing to retract them, we are forced to consider the other possibility – that he may be an undercover Shiite himself or a deceptive promoter or sympathizer of Shiite Cults. And Allah knows best.

  1. Yusof Estate is a new convert.He might not see the implication of his believe in Shiah teaching.Perhap someone in Huda TV should engage him. You cannaot bleme him,even religious authority cannot clasify Shiah as a non muslim…

    • Yes, he is a new convert, somewhat new (20 years ago). Yes, any Muslim who can correct him (at Huda TV or elsewhere) should try. However, we actually MUST blame him and all those who cooperate with him for spreading this kind of stupidity in the name of Islam. Muslims are required to be gentle and lenient in dealing with ignorant people, yet to place them in front of the people as shaykhs or even “the imam of America” is scandelous and treacherous, and we must blame them for this. If Yusuf Estes were a simple, ignorant man who erred when speaking to a friend of his, then we would be easy and patient with him. The problem is that he is promoting the Shiite religion all over the world, propped up as an “Islamic scholar”. To say that we cannot blame him is baseless. We are accountable for our speech. If we speak openly with falsehood, we are blameworthy. This is Islam.

      And regarding some Muslim authorities not classifying Shiah as non-Muslims, then this has very little to do with Yusuf Estes actively claiming that the Ja’fari Shiite math-hab of Iran is a legitimate math-hab in Islam, and its no problem to ascribe to it. Those same authorities who you are trying to shift the blame to would never allow any open invitation to Shiite teachings in their country, wal-hamdulillah.

  2. I saw a new video and Yusuf Estes was saying the Quran is really a book and he was pointing to a mushaf.

  3. Dear Moosa Richardson,

    Assalamu Alaikum,

    You are doing an amazing job by exposing the ignorance and deviant preachings of Yusuf Estes. However, i searched so much on the internet and apart from you there is nobody else who is exposing these fallacies. Not a single other independent person (apart from websites which link to your work) is visible on the net or elsewhere who is exposing the fraud of Estes. Why such a dead silence from others?

    • wa ‘alaykas-salaam. Akhee Khalid, ascribing a “dead silence” to our brothers is not correct. Not a dead silence, nor slightly silent, but rather they are busy and vocal clarifying issues just as important or even more important than these. Aside from linking to this project and advising me often about the content, they are actively refuting the errors and manhaj of many others whom I could be considered “dead silent” about! Warning against the harms of Yusuf Estes specifically is one duty that I am focusing on, and it is not a requirement on everyone else to do the same. May Allaah accept from us all, and accept our work as something done sincerely for His Sake alone.

    • Someone who knows him and his teachings should follow-up on this issue. Firstly, bring the matter to his attention and ask him to openly retract this mistake. Also, we need to know if this a recent change in his teachings or if he has always taught this.

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