Scandal Continues: Yusuf Estes Exposes Bakkah And Makkah

On the “Islam News Room” website, Yusuf Estes (or possibly volunteers working for him) change the name of an article about the history of Makkah to:

Yusuf Estes Exposes Bakkah (Makkah)

With concerned Muslims around the world hoping for Yusuf Estes to rectify his errors, this childish joke reveals the approach being taken to these heavy and important issues that distinguish between Islam and kufr (disbelief) – that they are being taken as a big joke.  More maturity was being expected from a man of over 70 years of age.  Here are some screenshots of tweets from Yusuf’s Twitter account that day:

Childish rants, empty and devoid of meaning, will not help rectify the dangerous beliefs Yusuf Estes has spread over the past ten years, nor will it distract any truth-seeking Muslims.  While people all over the world are volunteering to help spread this clarification (which actually helps Yusuf on the Day of Judgment when he will be held accountable for every person he led astray), it would be great if Yusuf pitched in himself and worked for Islam to rectify the false teachings he has spread.

On this day, a concise 14-page PDF is published, for those who may find the larger PDF a bit of a task to read:

The Unanimoulsy Accepted Belief of Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jamaa’ah that the Written Mus-haf is Actually the Quran in Opposition to the Laf-thiyyah Sect of the Jahmiyyah (PDF)

The goal of this second publication is to reach a broader audience, similar to the goal behind the launch of this website.

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