Yusuf Estes Khutbah: “This Mushaf is the Quran”

On this day, against scholarly advice to stop speaking in public, Yusuf Estes chooses to take the minbar at Jumuah prayer and defend himself and publicly clarify his beliefs.

He holds the mushaf, and clearly gestures to it, calling it the Quran, in opposition to the last ten years of his teachings, when he would hold the mushaf and emphatically deny that it is the Quran.

We praise Allah for showing us some of the good effects of His Guidance, and we ask Him to increase us and grant us all stability.

Sadly, instead of clarifying his position for the sake of clarity in the religion, Yusuf explains why he is being forced to clarify publicly, saying:

I’m mentioning this because this became an issue for some people that don’t have anything else to do.  And I hope in sha’ Allah that they find better things to use their time and energy for…

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPtKOtjz6Ok (at the 3:37 point)

We thank Allah that He has made us from the Muslims who can not find anything better to do with their time than clarifying the correct Islamic beliefs and warning against the legacy of false teachings of Yusuf Estes.

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