Huda TV Continues to Spread the False Beliefs of the Jahmiyyah

In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful…

Despite the large numbers of Muslims around the world who have learned about the correct creed regarding the Quran in light of recent scandals, there remain those who insist in remaining ignorant, or even worse – they insist on defending and promoting the disbelief of the ancient Jahmiyyah cults, as spread by controversial American preacher, Yusuf Estes.

Today, the 24th of Rabee’ al-Aakhir, 1434 (Mar. 6, 2013), Huda TV (may Allah correct them) uploads one of the most offensive videos they have ever produced, an episode of Yusuf Estes freely establishing his false beliefs about the Quran, from the 2005 series: “Lifting the Fog”, a series which, quite ironically, claims to dispel common lies, misconceptions, and misunderstandings about Islamic beliefs! Yet somehow they manage to pack in such a whopping assortment of lies, misconceptions, and misunderstandings about the Quran which likely never existed in the English language until Yusuf Estes introduced them!


Huda TV Continues to Spread the Kufr of the Ancient Jahmiyyah Cults

[ Click here to see the video as uploaded on Huda TV’s Youtube channel ] *

[ The same video uploaded by someone else years ago ]

Here is a quick guide to the offensive contents of the video that no Muslim is allowed to believe in, promote, or defend, by way of scholarly consensus:

3:30 – “The Quran is not a physical book that you hold in your hand…” (PURE JAHMIYYAH DISBELIEF)

3:38 – “The Quran can be in written form, and then you’ll have something that you can look at and use, but in this concept, it would be similar to your money...” (PURE MUSHAB-BIHAH DISBELIEF)

4:17 – “The Quran, when we see something written down and we say, “This is the Quran,” we have to understand that that itself is not Quran, it represents the Quran.” (JAHMIYYAH DISBELIEF, Laf-thiyyah Sect)

7:52 – “Allah promises to preserve the Quran, or recitation, until the Last Day.  What does that mean?  That means we should be able to hear it, not necessarily read it or look at it as a book, but to be able to hear it.” (Rejecting or doubting Allah’s preservation of the Quran as a book, more of the Laf-thiyyah Cult’s DISBELIEF)

15:45 – “Soorah Baqarah is the first ‘real’ chapter of the Quran… the actual meat of the Quran.” (Repulsive, unbefitting speech about Allah’s Book)

16:00 – “The word here “thalik” does not mean “this”, it means “that”.  If you say “this” you say “hatha”, when you say “thalik” you mean “that”.  So technically, there’s already a mistranslation when we say, “This is the book wherein there is no doubt, thalik al-kitaabu laa raybe feehe”.  Actually, it means the book which is with Allah.  There is no doubt in the book that is with Allah…” (UNPRECEDENTED TAFSEER to promote the  KUFR of the JAHMIYYAH)

25:25 – “The Quran, the Speech of Allah, the recitation, is with us presently, not in a written format, as much as it is in the hearts and the memories of the people today…” (JAHMIYYAH DISBELIEF, Laf-thiyyah Sect)

If you are unclear about the sheer falsehood of these despicable statements of disbelief, then please take the time to read about the correct beliefs in Islam.

The Reality of Huda TV

This program containing this disgusting batch of statements of disbelief was produced through the cooperation of no less than 37 Muslims, as mentioned in the credits at the end of the video (28:20).

Propping up someone as ignorant as Yusuf Estes, promoting him as a “shaykh”, and giving him a free license to speak on various topics amounts to major recklessness in conveying da’wah and a clear lack of understanding of how Islam is to be propagated.

The people who promote him and cooperate in spreading his message must take responsibility for what they have done.  Their individual cases could be understood a number of ways:

A) They are extremely ignorant about the basic beliefs of the Muslims and thus did not recognize these blatant errors.

B) They may have been able to recognize the errors, but they are so busy producing content that they do not pay attention to what they actually broadcast, and thus these kinds of major mistakes go right past them.

C) They know about the correct Muslim beliefs and they can identify these major mistakes, yet the reputation and honor of Yusuf Estes is given priority over the correctness of the actual beliefs they broadcast.

D) They are deviants who are trying to revive the ancient blasphemy of the heretic Jahmiyyah Sect and make it prevail over what the Salaf believed in and did not differ over.

Whichever is their reality, the least of them disqualifies them from being considered fit to carry the message of Islam to the people.

Source: Yusuf Estes and the Quran (PDF), pp.39-40.

It is sad enough that there was not one guided Muslim among them with enough knowledge to recognize the several statements of apostasy in this one video!  To make matters worse, they continued to broadcast this program for eight years!  And now they upload it to Youtube, even after these very beliefs have been publicly exposed and openly refuted for over six months!  Is there one man among them who even cares about the correct beliefs?!

An Important Note for the Sake of Fairness

Some of our brothers mistakenly defended Huda TV after we exposed them for persisting in spreading these same errors on Youtube about four months ago.  (See this article.)  Misguided voices cried out that Huda TV was being lied upon(!), that “Huda TV Channel Limited” (the offending Youtube channel) was not the official Youtube channel of Huda TV! (Even though they feature a number of original Huda TV programs not available elsewhere on Youtube, and actively promote Huda’s online academy…!)

Now the opportunity arises for those who were mistaken to see the official Huda TV channel on Youtube spreading the worst of the disbelief taught by Yusuf Estes over the years.  Will they stand with Ahlus-Sunnah now, or will they continue to make more false excuses for those who revive the Jahmiyyah Cult’s ancient blasphemy in millions of unsuspecting homes around the world?

*UPDATE: Al-hamdulillaah, we noticed three days after this article was published that this video was removed by Huda TV.  The difference between covering tracks and retracting falsehood will be known by their silence or their speech.  While we are accustomed to Huda TV’s irresponsible approach to the open falsehood they have spread, it must be known that Muslims may not spread kufr and then simply stop doing so without clarifying the truth.  If they have recognized that this video contains falsehood, then we await their open retraction of the blasphemy in it which they have been broadcasting for the past eight years.  


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