Advice from the Heart: Please Don’t Leave Islam!

In the Name of Allah…

Some very beautiful words of advice were recently posted as a comment here on  A brother named “Abdurrahman” became very affected and disturbed by some words of Yusuf Estes about the Religion of Islam not being tolerant at all, and that Allah Himself is not tolerant at all. Exonerated is Allah above such a claim! [Review Yusuf’s statements here.]

He reached out to Yusuf Estes with some heart-felt words of advice that we felt are worth publishing for all to read and reflect over. May Allah reward him generously.  Here are those wonderful words:

As a former Christian who was raised to say some very horrible things about Allah, like:

  • He got tired and  rested on the seventh day of creating…
  • He had a son…

I thank Allah that I would say such atrocities against His Divine Magnificence, and He would still guide me to Islam and even offer me a double reward to stop lying on Him (which was never justifiable) and give Him his right to be worshipped alone (which was never negotiable).

I thank Allah for His Grace, Generosity, Compassion… and TOLERANCE! And I know for sure, 100%, had I said words like these about Allah having “ZERO” tolerance, I know that I would be a kaafir without doubt. I worship Allah knowing this firmly.

Our Islam includes devotion to Allah, respect for Him and His lofty descriptions, and unequaled love. I don’t know why Yusuf Estes needs to say these things, but I pray for his guidance and that Allah does not take his soul until after devout repentance from these words.

I am truly shaken by these shameful words, and I wish I could retract them on his behalf, but the reality is we must all face the consequences of our words and deeds individually.

Yusuf Estes should honestly reflect about how Tolerant Allah was while Yusuf was ascribing partners to Him that He never authorized, and then extended His Grace, blessed him, and guided him to Islam, despite his long life of transgression and polytheism. We cry on his behalf – that he could describe Allah with no tolerance at all, after coming through such a background himself!

I’m just very, very angry and offended, and very sad that someone like Yusuf Estes would talk about Allah this way and not hasten to repent.

This advice was sent directly to Yusuf Estes, and we hope that those who care about him would deliver similar advice, hoping to save him from his own horrible words of apostasy that he refuses to retract.

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