Yusuf Estes: “Quran Not Just a Book”

Yusuf Estes responds to the issues with a Youtube video called, “Quran NOT Just a Book.”  While not actually admitting to any specific mistakes, we do see the blessings of Allah and His guidance affecting Yusuf, since he explicitly states that the writing in the mus-haf is truly the Quran, and he openly and clearly affirms that the Quran is a book.

While we are very happy for Yusuf Estes that he has embraced some of the correct beliefs of Ahlus-Sunnah about the Book of Allah on this blessed day, it is only one step in the larger process of rectifying the legacy of ill teachings, one that he must seek refuge with Allah from the evil outcome of on the Day of Judgment.

While most of the world can clearly see that his teachings over the past ten years have misled people, we ask Allah to help Yusuf himself see it, and we ask Allah to grant him the strength and courage to deal with it.

It is totally unacceptable that Yusuf Estes would lead people astray in basic Muslim beliefs for a decade, and then publish a video with different teachings, expecting the people to somehow understand this as a retraction of his legacy of blashpemy about the Quran, and then sort out the truth from the falsehood in his teachings on their own!

Finally, while all that was required was a clear retraction of mistakes and then silence to allow the clean-up effort to continue, Yusuf’s excessive speech has ONCE AGAIN landed him into yet another mistake, saying that Allah recited the Quran from the Preserved Tablet to the Angel Gabriel.  This is what we all wanted to avoid – more speech from Yusuf Estes, and – naturally – more mistakes.
The Muslims’ message is a simple one to Yusuf Estes and everyone like him.  With every right, we humbly request:

Would you PLEASE stop speaking about Allah without knowledge?!

Would you PLEASE let people who have knowledge of Islam clean up your mess, so you don’t have to face all of this on the Day of Judgment?

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