Ask Huda TV: Reactions to the Mistakes of Yusuf Estes

On this day, Ahmed Fahmy, Regional Director of Huda TV in Egypt, launches his own personal Youtube channel, and posts his first video, a 12-minute discussion (by another Huda TV star, not Yusuf Estes) about the Quran, from a recorded Q&A session apparently broadcast on Huda TV (date unknown).  The video includes a few seconds of clear speech near the end about the Muslims’ belief that the Quran is what is written in the mushafs, as well as what is recited and memorized.

While all the Muslims appreciate the spread of the correct beliefs, and we thank Allah for seeing the fruits of our work (by His Permission and Grace alone), we further encourage Ahmed Fahmy and all those who work or volunteer at Huda TV to address the issues as clearly and directly as possible, as rectification will not take place by spreading falsehood AND spreading truth, and then letting the viewers figure which one is correct.

Responsibility in da’wah includes identifying false teachings you have spread, warning against them, and spreading clear messages, like the following for example:

We mistakenly used to broadcast A (mention the false teachings of Yusuf Estes here), but what is correct is B (mention the beliefs of Ahlus-Sunnah here), so please help us spread this correction, as it relates to a very important core issue of basic Muslim beliefs.

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