Join the Awareness Campaign and Help Spread the Correct Understanding of Islam

In the Name of Allah, the All-Merciful, the Ever Merciful…

We thank Allah for the great success He has bestowed upon us through this website and its likes, and for the clarity of His Religion that is being spread all over the world, by His Grace and Mercy alone.

As we face a level of resistance from Yusuf Estes, those depending on his funding, and from his network of TV co-stars, and other confused individuals (may Allah guide them), we need more support from our Muslim brothers and sisters who recognize the need to help these clarifications spread to all the Muslims who may have been harmed by the teachings of Yusuf Estes.  We must not underestimate the status and reach of this man and the organizations and TV stations built around him.

One simple look at the top 10 search results for “Yusuf Estes” on YouTube yields over a million views for just a handful of his videos. That is on YouTube alone, for only ten results.  He has hundreds of videos on YouTube, thousands if we count all the times they are re-posted.

At this stage, we have decided to target five of the languages that his teachings reach: English of course, Arabic, French, German, and Spanish.  Websites like this in some of these languages are being built right now, and the PDF clarification is being translated.  We ask Allah to bless the efforts of our brothers and sisters who are volunteering their precious time to help Yusuf Estes by lightening his burden of misleading people on the Day of Judgment, and to help reach the millions of people who have been victimized.

If you have helped to organize his lectures in the past, promoted them by sending links to your contacts, or been involved in other means of supporting his teachings, then this volunteer opportunity is a great way for you to help rectify what you have had a hand in corrupting.

Or if you have found clarity in the Religion of Islam through the efforts provided on this website, and you would like to thank Allah for His Bounties by helping to clarify the correct beliefs in Islam to those who need it so badly, then please consider how you could fit in the following opportunities to volunteer as part of our ongoing campaign to raise awareness.

The following roles may need your support:

1 – Translation (Spanish and German only)

This involves translating the PDFs and other content on this website into other languages and coordinating with the website administration of the website in that language.  Translators need to be proficient in English, Arabic, and the language of translation. They must also know how to use MS Word.

2 – Internet Marketing (French, Spanish, German)

This involves using different forms of social media to reach the common people, like managing a Google Adwords campaign in coordination with the website administration.

3 – Website Administration (French, Spanish, German)

This involves using a WordPress-based, coordinating with the translator to collect and publish content, and coordinating with the internet marketing efforts as well.

4 – Personal Outreach Team (English, Arabic, French, Spanish, German)

This involves reaching out on a personal level to Yusuf Estes’ family, friends, supporters, hosts, and financial backers in your country.  Emails, phone calls, and old-fashioned person-to-person contact is needed to help them understand how serious these issues are and make the right choices.  Volunteers should be known for upright Islamic manners and good communication skills.

5 – Media Outreach Team (English, Arabic, French, Spanish, German)

This involves writing press releases, contacting local newspapers, and eventually updating the biography of Yusuf Estes on Wikipedia and other resources.

6 – YouTube Video Production & Follow-up (Arabic, French, Spanish, German)

This involves using the material from the website to produce videos for YouTube in your language.  Any images of people used in the videos must have the head blurred or removed in some way, so as to stay away from the severe prohibition of image making.

You may use the “Leave a reply” feature below to get in touch with us if you are interested in any of these opportunities.  Your words and contact information will be reviewed by our administration but not published, in shaa’ Allah.

(Be sure to spell your email address correctly!)

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