Followers Request Yusuf Estes to Explain His Errors

[Follow-up to the news of 8-20-2012]

On this day, one of the unsuspecting victims of Yusuf Estes, thanks him for his answer (which included a link to a Shiite article about the Quran), while expressing further confusion about the article that obviously contradicts his teachings:

I’m confused about this, because I understand from you that the mushaf-e-sherif is not actually Quran-e-Kerim, but it only represents it, like how paper money represents precios golds in storeage.
Is Quran-e-Kerim a book like the mushaf-e-sherif or not?  Is it even a book?  Is it ONLY in lowhe mahfood or is it on earth too?  Can I point to mushaf-e-sherif and say this is Quran-e-kerim or shoudl I not?  I’m not clear of these point.
Please explain which is correct for my Din. by Allah I want to be safe and in clear aqida.

After pleading with Yusuf Estes to clarify this important matter of belief in this email and in emails that followed, no reply was received until August 29, after public clarifications were made available.

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