Sharp Advice Sent to Yusuf Estes about His Errors

The confused questioner forwards the correspondence to Moosaa Richardson for clarification, who replies to both the questioner and Yusuf Estes himself (CC-ing Estes):

You are wasting your time. The man is ignorant and has no clue about the Aqeedah of Ahlus-Sunnah. Stick to the consensus of the Salaf that what is written in the mushaf is the Quran. The mushaf is not a representation of the Quran. That is the belief of the Lafthiyyah Sect of the Jahmiyyah cult, and the Salaf used to make takfeer of people who held such beliefs.

In Saheeh Muslim, the Prophet forbade traveling to nonMuslim lands with the Quran (the mushaf).

In fact, Yusuf is actually lying when he says that true scholars of Islam say the Quran is not what is written in the mushaf. Only the Jahmiyyah say this and no scholar of the Sunnah ever said that. That is a bold lie. He is free to prove me wrong by simply naming one scholar who said that.

My advice – learn Islam properly. Im open to correction, but Im not leaving the salafee aqeedah for the apostasy of the Jahmiyyah.

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