Yusuf Estes Not Interested in Learning the Correct Aqeedah from the Scholars

On this day, an email is sent from a third party asking Yusuf Estes to clarify his current beliefs about the mus-haf not being considered Quran and that it is similar to paper money.  The email further mentions that a student of Muslim scholars was asked about such beliefs, and he replied that the scholars of Ahlus-Sunnah have consensus that what is in the mus-haf is actually the Quran, and he further replied that saying otherwise is kufr (disbelief).

While Yusuf Estes may typically take up to two weeks to reply to an email, he replied the same day in this issue, confirming his belief that the Quran is only the recitation, ascribing this idea to the “true scholars of Islam.”  He then links the concerned questioner to an article on one of his “copy & paste” websites.  The article is called Concept of Kitab in the Quran, written by an Iranian Shiite authority, (Ayatollah) Muhammad Hadi Marifat, widely available on numerous Shiite websites on the internet.  This is the only name Yusuf Estes referred the questioner to, so it could only be understood that this is one of those “true scholars of Islam” he was talking about.

Not only was the article from a well-known Raafidhee Shiite publication (certainly not from an Islamic source), it did not even support his claim.  The article actually concluded that the Quran is indeed a book, as it is referred to as a book many times in the Quran itself.

“A humble man who admits and retracts his mistakes easily?”

In the email, instead of seeking clarification about his errors, or showing the least bit of interest in learning from someone who knows, he merely dismisses the possibility of him being mistaken by blaming the student of knowledge, saying, “People say whatever they like these days without regard much for the consequences,” and directs the questioner to Shiite teachings.

Reference: pp.46-47 of the PDF: Yusuf Estes and the Quran 

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