Shocking Revelations about Shiite Connections

To say the least, it has been quite a task helping Muslims recognize the fact that Yusuf Estes promotes the Shiite Religion, among a number of other horrific violations in basic Muslim beliefs, many of them outright apostasy, as highlighted in the book, Yusuf Estes and the Quran (PDF).

Here at, by the Permission of Allah, we have exposed some very significant connections to the Shiite Religion:

  • His reliance on the Iranian publication “Message of Thaqalayn” and the writings of an Iranian Aayatollah, Muhammad Hadi Marifat. (documented here)
  • His promotion of Shiite propaganda, like the contrived “official endorsement of al-Azhar” for the Ja’fari math-hab, which is the official math-hab of the Iranian Raafidhah Shiites. (documented here)
  • His approval of the linguistic basis for ascribing to the Shiite Religion, while he questions the linguistic basis for ascribing to the Sunnah by calling oneself a “Sunni”. (Yusuf Estes and the Quran, pp.43-44)

Now, a Persian TV station has just released a recent interview with Yusuf Estes himself, and the following things are featured on a short, nine-minute clip:

  • Yusuf Estes works with a “Persian” TV station in Los Angeles, California.  When asked if they are “Sunni” he says: NO. He calls them “ex-shia” and claims to not know what they are upon now.
  • Yusuf Estes tells the story of how they invited him, and only him, to teach their children, and how they stipulated that they did not want to hear anything about Sunni or Shia! (Are they really “ex-” Shia?)
  • The “ex-Shiite” people “went crazy” about Yusuf Estes’ show, requesting more shows with him, even live programs, with large audiences, and he accommodated them.
  • Yusuf Estes says that he has been openly cooperating with this “ex-Shiite” TV channel for about seven years (from the time of the interview, which is not precisely known).
  • Yusuf Estes mentions that he also appeared on similar TV programs in England.
  • Instead of trying to correct the severe blasphemy and disbelief of the Shiite teachings prevalent in Iran (cursing the Companions, believing their imams know the unseen, etc.), which by now we should realize that he is incapable of doing, he advises them to drop the names and labels other than being called Muslims, as if this would solve their problems. (Meaning: Don’t refer to the Shiite as Shiite, nor Ahlus-Sunnah as Sunnis, just call yourselves Muslims.)
  • When asked why he named his daughter Aishah, he failed to provide any meaningful answer to an Iranian audience who worship Allah by cursing her. (The majority of Iran are Raafidhah who hate and curse our mother Aishah.)
  • The finale of the ignorant ramblings ends with a sharp admonition about how hatred is not part of Islam.  Instead of attacking the Shiite foundation of hatred of the Companions, he negates the principle of love and hatred for Allah’s sake entirely, negating one more foundational principle in basic Islamic beliefs.

It is understandable that people who have been tricked into thinking well of Yusuf Estes may find these things hard to believe.  If you would like to confirm them for yourself, then watch the complete interview, seeking refuge with Allah from the serious misguidance contained therein:

[ Watch the interview ]

Other serious deviations in the interview will be dealt with soon, in sha’ Allah. Read about this and other severe deviations in basic Muslim beliefs propagated all over the world by Yusuf Estes in the following important publication:

Yusuf Estes and the Quran (PDF)

One response to “Shocking Revelations about Shiite Connections

  1. Previously, there was a reference in the article above to the TV station conducting the interview being Shiites. In the beginning of the interview, they openly say they are from Ahlus-Sunnah. May Allah guide them to success in their efforts, including distance from the likes of Yusuf Estes.

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