The Yusuf Estes Apology / Retraction: Have You Seen It?

In the Name of Allah…

After absorbing much ongoing public blame for “poor manners”, “lack of wisdom”, and even “fishing for mistakes” and “witch-hunting” [!], we would like to remind our readers that the academic issues of contention remain – a list of mistakes that take people outside of Islam continues to be ignored, while we have been promised some very wonderful things by some of Yusuf Estes’ fellow Huda TV stars, the “shaikhs” of Huda TV.

Huda TV’s “Shaikh Abu Usamah at-Thahabi”  and “Shaikh Assim Alhakeem” both publicly assured us that their co-star Yusuf Estes would surely clarify the truth in opposition to his false teachings.  They even made open claims that he has already admitted that he was wrong, but were thereafter unable to provide any proof for such claims.

Refer to: the end of an extremely long Q&A session at Green Lane Masjid (Perhaps so long they erred out of fatigue and they now realize that…?)

And other self-promoting Huda TV hopefuls, perhaps positioning themselves for their big break to one day get their very own program, have also stepped up to make similar promises on behalf of Yusuf Estes on their Facebook pages and other forums.

Here’s the dilemma: Their own followers are beginning to ask amongst each other: Are we really going to get a clarification and/or a retraction as they said?  Or are these deceptive games they are playing, protecting each other and covering for each other’s mistakes?

While Abu Usamah and Assim al-Hakeem are quite energetic to cast such accusations of (less obvious) partisanship (hizbiyyah) at others, we ask quite simply: Where is the promised retraction and/or clarification from Yusuf Estes?

Will they aid in the spread of clarity in Islamic beliefs regarding their stray co-star’s deviant teachings, aiding those who have already preceded them in doing so, hoping to rectify what they have had a part in corrupting?

Or will they sit back like silent devils, during a time of need, treacherously, while Yusuf’s propagation of the teachings of the Jahmiyyah, the Shiite, and the people of Tash-beeh, and other atrocities continue to spread all over the world to unsuspecting Muslims? Literally every day, more and more Yusuf Estes videos are re-uploaded to YouTube by people who have no clue about his horrific mistakes!

As we move into months of silence from Yusuf Estes himself, in issues of Islaam versus disbelief, and he maintains a policy of silence to “let the issues pass” (known to his close advisors), we are more than happy to bear the unfounded accusations and pathetic attempts of his fanatical supporters to shift the blame from him somehow to us, and we eagerly accept this opportunity to possibly rejoice on the Day of Judgment because of this betrayal and oppression.  Yet, wouldn’t their loved ones whisper to them – for the sake of Allah:

Aren’t you the least bit interested in siding with the Muslims against the spread of apostasy?

Don’t you feel the least bit responsible, being someone who has worked together with Yusuf Estes, for the spread of these blasphemous teachings?

And how sure are you that Yusuf Estes is going to retract those numerous and various statements of disbelief?

How long are the English-speaking Muslims expected to hold their breath, waiting for these promised retractions?  Especially in light of a 2009 publication called “Correcting Some Errors Committed by Yusuf Estes…” After more than three years of Yusuf’s silence on those issues, people who would have held their breath waiting for his retractions would have been dead and buried long ago!

Those issues included some of the same issues he is still being criticized for!

While one could argue that the 2009 e-book had no mention of an author, and it was limited to only some of the mistakes from one short video clip, we still would like to know: Where is at least the retraction of his shameful, blatant public slander of Shaykh Al-Albaanee that was identified as far back as 2009?

It is sadly confusing to ponder over why Muslims have such high hopes in these Green Lane speakers and their political promises, while they can’t even get a bonified magician (!!) out of their masjid and off their microphone?  A man who performs, teaches, and justifies illusionary magic tricks, like levitation, as something related to da’wah?! (But that’s another issue altogether…) *

We ask Allah to guide them all, and rid them of these disgusting traits of destructive partisanship.

Be sure to review the severe mistakes of Yusuf Estes gathered in our enlightening free publication:

Yusuf Estes and the Quran

* UPDATE: Since the publication of this article and other more direct efforts at warning the people against the blatant promotion of magic and magicians at Green Lane Masjid, their imam, Khaleefah Lipscomb (Abu Usamah At-Thahabi) has given a Friday sermon against magic, and Green Lane Masjid’s administration has posted an open stance against magic on their website.

Both “clarifications” were tainted with statements of falsehood, the most obvious being the fraudulent disclaimer offered publicly on the Green Lane Masjid website, “We do not believe that the remark made was intended to confuse people nor promote magic.” [!!]

The actual “remark” was something more truthfully referred to as: blatant promotion and defense of illusionary magic and professional magicians like Criss Angel and Dynamo, a baseless fatwaa declaring it permissible for Muslims to witness magic shows, and – last but not least – an offer to teach the audience all of the magic tricks of Criss Angel and Dynamo.  [Read the complete transcript of the actual “remark”.]

Neither Lipscomb nor the masjid administration would name the offending speaker (Kamal el-Mekki), after having openly promoted him by name and his fatwaa in favor of illusionary magic, locally, and on the internet.

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