More Examples of the Repulsive Humor of Yusuf Estes, Mockery of Serious Islamic Beliefs

Without overlooking the many serious statements of disbelief found in the teachings of Yusuf Estes, as highlighted throughout this informative website, we also need to be aware of his distasteful joking approach to important Islamic beliefs which either comes uncomfortably close to full-blown mockery of the religion of Allah or actually falls directly into it.

Allah says:

 قل أبالله وآياته ورسوله كنتم تستهزءون لا تعتذروا قد كفرتم بعد إيمانكم

( Say: Was it Allah, His Verse, and His Messenger you were mocking?!  Offer no excuses, you have surely disbelieved after having faith! )

Be sure to read and listen to what Shaykh Saalih al-Fowzaan said (highly beneficial) about comedy and humor in da’wah, if you haven’t already.

Sadly, this excessive joking in da’wah has led to some very horrific results.  Three examples are provided below:

Example #1 – Mocking Allah’s Legislation of Capital Punishment

Yusuf Estes disgracefully asks an improperly dressed woman to stand with him in front of an audience of men, so she can accept Islam on stage.  He jokes and plays with her in front of the people, eventually telling her to be sure about her decision to accept Islam, because, as he says, “You sure?  You know if you change your mind, we’re gonna have to cut your head off!”

[Yusuf Estes, the woman, and the audience erupt in laughter.]

VIDEO PROOF (Cover the right side of the screen to avoid seeing the woman.)

IMPORTANT: Capital punishment for certain crimes according to Islamic law is only considered by a recognized Islamic court system through established Islamic authority in a Muslim country.

Example #2 – Pretending that the Theory of Evolution May be Correct

After stating that Muslims do not believe in evolution, Yusuf Estes jokingly pretends to doubt this belief, because, as he explains, his brother-in-law seems to resemble a monkey, having knuckles that drag on the ground.

In just a few seconds, we find Yusuf Estes lying in jokes (again), insulting someone, and pretending to doubt a basic Islamic belief, all in the name of “giving da’wah”.


Example #3 – Saying that Allah Offers “a K-Mart Special”

Yusuf Estes explains how Allah has challenged mankind to produce a book similar to His Quran, and how Allah even lightened the challenge to simply produce only ten chapters similar to those in the Quran.  About this challenge, he distastefully and disgracefully speaks about the Lord of the Worlds, saying, “He even offers a K-Mart special!” [Click here if you do not know what K-Mart is.]


As Muslims, we are required to have the utmost respect when speaking about Allah, the Most High, and we are obliged to exonerate Him above these kinds of tacky, distasteful descriptions.

Please take the time to review the many dangerous beliefs propagated by Yusuf Estes in the following free e-book:

Yusuf Estes and the Quran

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