The Scholars Respond: Praising Ibn Sina as a Great Muslim Scientist

In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Ever Gracious…

In a recent article published on his “IslamNewsRoom” website, controversial American preacher Yusuf Estes praises some philosophers and non-Muslim scientists as “the greats” of the Muslim scholars.

Specifically, the article praises Ibn Sina and Abu Nasr Al-Farabi, two of the worst and most heretical disbelieving philosophers in history.

Ibn Sina specifically was a Shiite heretic, from the most deceptive and deviant of the Shiite cults, the Ismaili Batinia Sect, who are outside of Islam. Regarding this man whom the Muslim scholars never differed about his disbelief and that he was not a Muslim, Yusuf Estes writes (or plagiarizes):

Ibn Sina was one of the greatest Muslim scientists that ever lived…

He also wrote a philosophical encyclopedia called Kitab al-Shifa and embodied vast knowledge from philosophy to science…

Source: Muslim Scientists Find Cures by Yusuf Estes, published on the IslamNewsRoom website, dated: July 17, 2013.

Important Commentary:

Much can be said about the large amount of misinformation in this article. At this time we will suffice by returning back to one of today’s premier Muslim scholars, Shaykh Saalih al-Fowzaan, member of the Permanent Committee of Scholars in Saudi Arabia, who was asked about people who praise and promote Ibn Sina as a “Muslim” scientist. He replied:

He is one of two cases:

1. He may be ignorant, and thus he does not know about the condition of Ibn Sina. Such a person has no right to speak, rather he must keep silent.

2. Or perhaps he knows about Ibn Sina and his teachings of disbelief and he agrees with him, praising him for that reason. In this case, his ruling is the same ruling as Ibn Sina (i.e. disbeliever), and refuge with Allah is sought. This is because he has agreed with him and praised him for that (his disbelief).

So this is a very serious issue!

However, some people may praise Ibn Sina strictly because he was a doctor. This is a worldly profession, and he was really a doctor. However, there were many non-Muslim doctors more proficient in the medical field than him, so why the specific focus on Ibn Sina? They say: “Because he ascribed to Islam, and so this is something for Muslims to be proud of.”

We say: Islam is free from him, and Islam does not need him!

To conclude: He is not to be praised or spoken of highly because he was one of the Batinia [Cult], a severely deviant philosopher who claimed that the universe may be infinite (having no beginning or end).

Source: The shaykh’s explanation of Ibn al-Qayyim’s Nooniyyah Poem (3/1328), as translated here.

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One response to “The Scholars Respond: Praising Ibn Sina as a Great Muslim Scientist

  1. Estes: “Ibn Sina was one of the greatest Muslim scientists that ever lived.”

    Shaykh ABdul Aziz Rajihi: “If he is confused about him (Ibn Sina) and is not aware of his condition, he does not commit disbelief until his (Ibn Sina’s) affair is first made clear to him. However, someone who knows he was a disbeliever and a heretic, yet does not declare him to be a disbeliever, falls under this nullifier of Islaam (i.e. he is no longer a Muslim).” From:

    I think its pretty clear here. Has someone followed up with Yusuf Estes on this point? Does he still insist on calling Ibn Sina a Muslim?

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