Yusuf Estes Continues to Spread Disbelief of Jahmiyyah Cult (March 2013)

In the Name of Allah…

On this day, controversial American preacher, Yusuf Estes, personally updates his own IslamNewsRoom website to encourage his visitors to watch his series of Huda TV programs called “Beauties of Islam”. This notorious series includes some of the most disgusting promotions of the disbelief of the Jahmiyyah Cult ever introduced into the English language, as detailed in our PDF clarification of his open teachings: Yusuf Estes and the Quran.  Here is a screenshot of the IslamNewsRoom website taken today, showing that Yusuf Estes himself is the author, and it is dated: Saturday, 23 March, 2013:


When you follow the link provided by Yusuf Estes, you are taken to this series of episodes on another of his websites, TubeIslam.  One of the episodes is called, “The Beauty of the Quran,” which was uploaded only three days ago (March 20, 2013).  In this video he explicitly says:

tubeislam-0320-2013-jahmiyyahWe’ve been talking about the Holy Quran. You see me holding the book in my hand and I keep talking about it and pointing to it.  But in fact, this is called mus-haf, or kitaab in Arabic,  holy scripture, the book.  But Quran itself is when its being recited (points to his throat)…

Source: “The Beauty of the Quran” (at precisely 8:08) as found on Yusuf’s website, TubeIslam. See this comprehensive list of videos for many examples of Yusuf Estes making this and similar statements of disbelief.

As explained previously in great detail (review the PDF), this is the belief of the Laf-thiyyah Sect of the Jahmiyyah Cult, and the scholars of Ahlus-Sunnah declare people who believe this to be disbelievers.

The great imam of Ahlus-Sunnah, al-Laalakaa’ee, in his staple book of Islamic beliefs, Sharh Usool Ali’tiqaad (2/364) stated:

“It (the Quran) is recited in the mihrabs (by the leaders of congregational prayer), written in the mus-hafs, and memorized in the chests of men… Whoever says otherwise is a stray disbelieving innovator who opposes the beliefs of the Sunnah and the Jama’ah.”

While we and many of the Muslims were hoping that Yusuf Estes had actually retracted this belief and adopted the beliefs of Ahlus-Sunnah about the Quran, this latest action shows that he intentionally continues to spread the disbelief of the Jahmiyyah.

It may sound like a broken record, to keep saying, “Yusuf Estes Continues to Teach the Disbelief of the Jahmiyyah…” But it needs reported, because many people are being lied to.  His followers are actually being told that Yusuf Estes has repented and changed his views.  We ask Allah to open their eyes to the severe deviations of this man’s teachings.

UPDATE (03-28-2013): The offensive video has been removed, without explanation. Yusuf Estes is either covering his tracks or honestly retracting his false teachings. Ongoing denial of the serious violations of basic Muslim belief and complete lack of responsibility regarding them continues to prevent anyone from believing the latter.

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