Jahmi-Leaks: The Real Yusuf Estes Behind the Scenes

In the Name of Almighty Allah, the Magnificent, the Most High…

In a very revealing leaked YouTube video made at the Islamic Center of Detroit on Saturday, May 18, 2013, controversial American preacher Yusuf Estes reveals his true thoughts about his serious errors in basic Muslim beliefs and those who are actively working to correct them.

Muslims who thought that Yusuf Estes was humble and he had retracted his teachings of the Jahmiyyah Cult are shocked to find that he still continues with acrobatic double-talk in support of his widespread teachings that the Quran is not really here on earth, its only in the Lowh Mahfooth in the heavens, etc., whilst spreading outright lies against his critics in an obvious attempt to keep his followers from learning about the reality of his gross violations of Islamic beliefs.

The YouTube Video – Leaked

youtube slander

Click to view the lies and slander in a new window.

In this short five-minute conversation, the following important things are revealed for all to see:

1. Yusuf Estes is extremely annoyed to be asked about his beliefs about the Quran, even turning away from a Muslim seeking clarification and attempting to flee the conversation before bitterly addressing the questioner.

2. Yusuf Estes is asked about his own statements that the Quran is not written on paper and that it is only with Allah in the Lowh Mahfooth, the teachings of the Jahmiyyah. Without answering the very simple and direct question, he snaps back at the questioner, “Where is the Quran? Where is the Quran?” The questioner responds that the Quran is in the Book that Allah sent down, which is recited. This answer obviously disturbs Estes who rejects this answer, saying, “No, no, where is the Quran right now? (pauses) It’s in the hearts and minds of all the Muslims who’ve memorized it, true or false?”

This is one of Yusuf’s games with words. The Islamic belief system is 100% clear, and no Muslim has any problem saying: The Quran is the Speech of Allah, written in mushafs, recited verbally, and memorized by heart. This is the belief of the Muslims throughout history, by total scholarly consensus. According to the early scholars of Islam, anyone who opposed the Muslims in this belief is a disbeliever, outside of Islam, as documented clearly in this informative publication.

3. When Estes finds that his trick is not working, he moves to another scheme – demonizing those who clarify the correct beliefs in the matters he has erred in. Regarding the efforts of those who are only spreading the unanimously accepted beliefs of Ahlus-Sunnah with their evidences from the Book and the Sunnah, Yusuf Estes claims:

You’re listening to a Shaytan, I’m telling you, I’m telling you, OK?

Referring to Moosaa Richardson, MA Candidate in Hadeeth at Umm al-Qura University in Makkah, Yusuf Estes claims:

The person who did this is an American who is trying to learn Islam. (pushes a camera away…) This brother is trying to learn Islam in Jeddah. He’s got some very bad shaytan playing with him, OK? He thinks he’s doing something for Islam. Make duaa for him.

So the one correcting your serious mistakes and inviting people to the beliefs of the Book and the Sunnah is a shaytan (devil), with a very bad shaytan playing with him, who thinks he is doing something for Islam? So the Islam of the Quran and Sunnah is the work of the devils, and Jahmiyyah is the work of the upright Muslim preachers?!

Slander is one of the most serious crimes in Islam. When coupled with trickery and deception to hide false beliefs and pass them off as Islamic beliefs, it becomes a disastrous concoction that every Muslim seeks refuge with Allah from. May Allah protect the Muslims from such lies and deception.

4.  Yusuf Estes claims that he has conveyed the correct beliefs from the scholars, saying:

No, no, listen, I’m telling you what the scholars told us. I don’t make this stuff up.

The reality: This is a lie. No scholar of Ahlus-Sunnah has ever taught Yusuf Estes that the Quran is not a book, it is not written down, what you hold in your hand is not the Quran, the real Quran is in the Lowh Mahfooth, the Iranian Ja’fari math-hab is legitimate, the Shiite follow the Quran and the Sunnah, Allah is not tolerant, etc.

The problem is not that Yusuf Estes is extremely ignorant. The problem is that he pretends to be qualified to speak about these kinds of matters, claiming to convey the scholars’ teachings. This produces an outer shell of compound ignorance, which is a tough barrier to penetrate. Arrogance built upon compound ignorance, mixed with evil companionship that does not advise one to repent from major errors in basic Muslim belief… We seek refuge with Allah from utter destruction in this life and the Next.

5. Yusuf Estes tries to convince the questioner that he only explains words (etymology), and that he never said that the mus-haf was not considered the Quran!

This is a blatant lie. Here are three clear examples of Yusuf Estes – plain as day – saying:

busted-liarIt can be seen here – in all clarity – that Yusuf Estes is lying to cover up his false teachings. Furthermore, for those who take the time to browse the content here at this website, it is known that Yusuf Estes has been teaching this belief openly all over the world for about ten years!

He wants to drag his critics into personal squabbles to divert people’s attention away from the disbelief he has been caught spreading. Those close to Yusuf Estes should fear Allah and admonish him sharply to repent from his lies, especially when he himself believes – as the Khawaarij Sect do – that lying prevents a person from going to Paradise forever! (proof)

6. Back to demonizing his critic with more slander. Yusuf Estes adds :

What this person [Moosaa Richardson] did was try to take what I said, and try to take it out of context, and then instead of me doing etymology of words, he made it look like I was trying to say something new.

Again, a brief review of the videos listed above, or any number of those in our video library, directly from the mouth of Yusuf Estes (in public videos), will allow any truth-seeking Muslim to see his deception and trickery clearly. Quite simply, the “etymology of words” does not entail leaving the beliefs of Ahlus-Sunnah and embracing the disbelief of the Jahmiyyah.  That’s called misguidance, not etymology.

7. Yusuf Estes then snowballs into a nasty barrage of false accusations to further keep the questioner away from the real issues of deviation in creed, saying:

But after he found out he couldn’t win on that, then he started saying I was a Shiite. (Questioner seems surprised.) No, it’s on his website! And then after that he said I was a Sufi. And then after that, he said that I wasn’t even a Muslim.

This website, YusufEstesQuran.com, is the one he is referring to here. It stands as clear proof of the lies of Yusuf Estes. Nowhere on this website, or any other website, can a person find anything to substantiate these slanderous claims.

busted-liarWe have shown how Yusuf Estes endorses and promotes the Ja’fari Math-hab, the official math-hab of the Iranian Raafidhah Shiite, as a legitimate math-hab in Islam. This is documented with clear evidences. However, not once is Yusuf Estes referred to as a Shiite.

busted-liarWe have also documented how Yusuf Estes has promoted and aligned himself with an open caller to Sufism, Suhaib Webb. Yet, not once is Yusuf Estes refered to as a Sufi.

busted-liarSimilarly, we have documented with precise quotes from Yusuf’s speeches and writings a number of his teachings of disbelief. When someone openly spreads disbelief disguised as Islam, it is an obligation on those who know to warn the Muslims of it. Yet, not once is Yusuf Estes referred to as a non-Muslim.

Our visitors are free to use our search feature on the top of the left sidebar, or to use the following phrases to restrict a Google search to this website alone:

  • site:yusufestesquran.com sufi
  • site:yusufestesquran.com shia OR shiite
  • site:yusufestesquran.com non-Muslim OR disbeliever OR kaafir OR “not a Muslim”

When you fail to come up with any result to back up Yusuf Estes’ claims, then join the ranks of those who testify with certainty before Allah, and before the creation of Allah, that Yusuf Estes is indeed a liar.

8. Yusuf Estes then broadens his slanderous attacks and begins lying on an Islamic organization, TROID in Canada, claiming that they became famous 15 years ago from the responses of Dr. Bilal Philips to their criticism of him, after Dr. Philips went against Yusuf’s advice and responded to them!

Yusuf Estes further accuses TROID of declaring one of the shuyukh (shaykhs, scholars) who dedicated his whole life to Islam to be a kaafir (disbeliever)! He even claims that it was because that (unnamed) scholar corrected the name of their organization.

Then he begins inventing labels for them, saying:

The same people, they’re called “Mudkhalis”. They’re very dangerous, very dangerous. There is no benefit in even discussing… (unclear)

ومن يكسب خطيئة أو إثما ثم يرم به بريئا فقد احتمل بهتانا وإثما مبينا

“And whoever errs or commits a sin, and thereafter accuses an innocent person of it surely takes on the burden of slander and obvious sin.” [4:112]

والذين يؤذون المؤمنين والمؤمنات بغير ما اكتسبوا فقد احتمل بهتانا وإثما مبينا

“And whoever harms the believing men and women with things (accusations) they are innocent of surely takes on the burden of slander and obvious sin.” [33:58]

This shameless name-calling and slandering is hurled at TROID – in reality – merely because:

  • They are a major da’wah organization in the West that has supported the refutations of his ill teachings.
  • He needs to take the questioner far away from the real issues he began asking about.

What is beyond astonishing is that Yusuf Estes repeatedly claims that Muslims are required to drop all of their “labels” and come together, and the only permissible label a Muslim may carry is “Muslim”. In this obvious hypocritical slander, Yusuf Estes forces nicknames on people that do not use them or agree to them. Those who volunteer to promote the spread of the Quran and Sunnah through the efforts of TROID are labelled as “Mudkhalis”?

“Madkhali” (or as Yusuf Estes says: “Mudkhali”), similar to the word “Wahhabi”, is an impermissible nickname cast upon the Muslims by the people of falsehood. The intended meaning behind the use of this nickname is an ascription to the teachings of Shaykh Rabee’ ibn Hadi al-Madkhali, a senior scholar of Islam, well-known and widely respected by today’s top scholars, and an active critic of the people of innovation and falsehood.  People who use nicknames like this have little or no respect for the best of Islam’s scholars, and this behavior of theirs is just another reason why they remain incapable of learning anything substantial about Islam. Without basic respect for the carriers of Islamic knowledge, one simply cannot benefit from what they carry.

Shaykh Saalih al-Fowzaan, one of today’s most widely respected scholars of Islam, was asked about people who call other Muslims “Madkhalis” specifically, and he mentioned that this is merely a plot planted among the Muslims to discredit the scholars. His excellent response, including sharp admonitions to refrain from this kind of name-calling and to respect the scholars, can be found here.


Representatives of TROID were contacted about these accusations, and they do not know of any basis for any of them. In fact, they mentioned that it was actually Shaykh Rabee’ al-Madkhali himself who advised them to change their organization’s name shortly after they came together. TROID has not spoken ill of him, let alone expelled him from Islam! In fact, they remain thankful to him to this day for his sincere advice to them over the years.


Yusuf Estes was made aware of the leaked video, and logged in with his personal YouTube account and made some comments right there on the video, including the following:

I appreciate when someone says something to correct me, but not when they offer unneeded insults because this causes others who also care about the truth to begin fighting between each other (as in this list of comments). Can we agree to disagree for the sake of Allah and accept the corrections when they prove true? I have learned a lot from all our brothers.

Astonishing! After actually spewing vile slander, baseless accusations, desperate personal attacks and name-calling, he complains of “unneeded insults” and asks if we can “agree to disagree” – a trademark Ikhwani tag-line!

NO, Yusuf Estes, we cannot agree to disagree! We are Muslims who are required to return our affairs that we differ over to Allah and His Messenger (may Allah raise his rank and grant him peace).

فلا وربك لا يؤمنون حتى يحكموك فيما شجر بينهم ثم لا يجدوا في أنفسهم حرجا مما قضيت ويسلموا تسلميا

“Nay, by your Lord! They shall not believe until they make you (Muhammad) the judge in all disputes between them, and therefater find no difficulty in (accepting) your verdicts, submitting completely.” [4:65]

As for the question, “Can we agree to accept the corrections when they prove true?”

YES, Yusuf Estes, we can accept the corrections! In fact, this is a basic obligation on every Muslim.  Yusuf Estes and everyone else who contradicts the correct belief system in Islam are required by the Religion of Islam to abandon their contradictions and embrace Islam truly.

يا أيها الذين آمنوا ادخلوا في السلم كافة ولا تتبعوا خطوات الشيطان إنه لكم عدو مبين

“O you who believe! Enter into Islam completely, and do not follow the footsteps of the devil. Verily, he is a clear enemy to you.” [2:208]

Written by: Moosaa Richardson

Revised 06-26-2013


3 responses to “Jahmi-Leaks: The Real Yusuf Estes Behind the Scenes

  1. Just an observation… Estes says that TROID was told by a scholar to change their name from “The Revival of Islamic Da’awah” because Islam was always there and you don’t revive it. He says “So they changed their name right away” and this shows “how much they DON’T KNOW about their Religion!” And he thinks there is a point there.

    In my understanding, this shows how much they ‘DO’ know about their religion, that they listen to the scholars and correct things that are not right, as Estes says “right away”. I only wish Yusuf Estes would be more like TROID. And I do not believe TROID has ever called that scholar, or any other scholar, a kafir! Estes is a clear liar, so why should we believe him? If he has solid proof, then he is welcome to show it. Otherwise, we cannot accept that kind of accusation from a known liar against our brother Muslims. May Allah guide him!!

    • Jazaak Allahu khayran, Abaa Yazeed. Everything is backwards to Yusuf Estes. Muslims who quickly correct things they learn from the scholars “DONT KNOW THEIR RELIGION” and are to be blamed and spoke against. People like Estes who haven’t heeded a single word from his scholars, or corrected any significant mistake in his false aqeedah are “truly working for Islam”. May Allah bless our brothers at TROID, and may He guide Yusuf Estes.

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