Yusuf Estes Removes the Shiite Article, Admits Ambigiously to “Some Mistakes”

Yusuf Estes removes the Shiite article by the Iranian Ayatollah from his website, offering the following explanation (later edited and reduced):

We all make mistakes – and without doubt I make more than most people. But I like to correcct myself and fix the mistakes as soon as possible.

There reason for removing this article while traveling in Ramadan, was due to my inability to fix it properly at the time it was discovered.

While going to so many countries, doing umrah, recording TV shows, helping HUDA TV with fundraising and of course, and of course with my wife going to the hospital (please continue to pray for her) in Cairo just after Laylatul Qadr, there was no way I wanted to do a “fast-fix” and make it even worse than it already was.

I hope to have something more presentable in the future by doing even more research and correction to the mistakes in the article copied inadvertently from the wrong source.

Now that we are back in the USA, still working on moving and setting everything to our new location – I find it is necessary to stop everything and put this article back up, but with the corrections (below)

We thank our brothers and sisters who pointed out some errors in the article posted here – and have made corrections as much as we could. Also, we have hold no ill feelings toward anyone who is sincerely helping us to do better in our effort to project the correct message of Islam in simple English terms. We can truly say, without any hard feelings at all, “We do love you all for the sake of Allah”.

Please keep in mind, as scholars and teachers of the past have said, “If you find anything in our teaching which does not comply with the Quran and the Sunnah of our prophet, peace be upon him, then take what you find from the Quran and the sunnah and throw away whatever you have found from us”

Sincere thanks to the brothers who pointed out the mistakes of the previous article – pray for us to get more volunteers so we can do better in the future.

Gratefully – Yusuf Estes

Commentary: While some people await clarification from Yusuf Estes about referring to Shiite sources for Islamic knowledge, and something tangible about the actual mistakes he claims he has corrected, we are only given a long-winded apology for “some mistakes,” that reads more like an appeal for sympathy, support, and a request for volunteers than an actual clarification of an error.

What is required in Islam is to rectify the error and guide the people you misled to what is correct, not ambiguously admit to making some mistakes.

The article used to replace the Iranian Ayatollah’s article is written by Dr. Bilal Philips, well-known personality and fellow Huda TV co-star, and is published with emphasis on the following point:

It is not a book in the usual sense of the word wherein there is an introduction, explanation of the subject, followed by a conclusion…

This seems to be an attempt to convince his followers that he meant something else when he clearly and explicitly – over the past 10 years – repeatedly denied that the writing in the mus-haf is Quran.  People who educate themselves with the PDF could see past this quite easily.

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