Yusuf Estes Does not Claim to be the Most Knowledgeable of Scholars

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Ever Merciful…

The following is a brief update to document yet another deceitful claim by controversial American preacher Yusuf Estes to Islamic scholarship.

We have previously disproven the notion offered by fellow Huda TV star Assim al-Hakeem and others that Yusuf Estes should be excused from his teachings of disbelief because he is ignorant and has never claimed to be a scholar. We documented how Yusuf Estes explicitly referred to himself as a scholar and even endorsed an introduction of himself when referred to as a scholar as the most accurate description of himself he has ever heard, referring to himself as “the real deal!”  [Review this]

Just today, Yusuf Estes publishes a disclaimer after another one of his religious verdicts on the “IslamNewsRoom” website, which includes the following:

Yusuf Estes does not offer fatawah (Islamic rulings) nor does he claim to be the most knowledgeable of scholars. He only deals with topics and questions wherein he has studied with qualified teachers and scholars of Islam…

Source: Evil Curses Explained, published on the “IslamNewsRoom” website on August 11, 2013. [screenshot]

Important Commentary

In this short passage, Yusuf Estes deceitfully attempts to claim scholarship through two different paths, and excuse himself from any responsibility of fatwa-giving.

“Yusuf Estes does not offer fatawah (Islamic rulings)…”

This is a blatant lie. Not only does Yusuf Estes offer fatawa, he is a raging fatwa-fountain of misguidance. Here is a short compilation of some of his fatawa:

These are just a few examples, just the tip of the iceberg, and yet Yusuf Estes has the audacity to say he does not give fatawa? He must think that his followers are the most gullible sheep on the planet! Al-hamdulillaah, the Muslims have intellects and they can see through these blatant lies.

“Nor does he claim to be the most knowledgeable of scholars…”

Granted the supporters of Yusuf Estes will say that this is a negation of scholarship, this is the magical trickery of rhetoric. When someone says they are not “the most knowledgeable of scholars,” it is clearly understood that he believes himself to be a scholar, but just not a highly knowledgeable one.

People who would argue about this point to defend Yusuf Estes and continue to claim that he does not view himself as a scholar or refer to himself as one (despite the clearly documented explicit evidence we have already provided) can be identified as fanatics consumed by their patronage to their favorite TV star. In academic discussions about important matters of the Religion, they are the last people who could be taken seriously.

“He only deals with topics and questions wherein he has studied with qualified teachers and scholars of Islam…”

This is another lie. It is merely another disgraceful attempt to conjure up some kind of academic credentials for himself. In reality, Yusuf Estes has not studied under any scholars of Islam. He is a confused ignorant person who believes his Huda TV co-stars are scholars of Islam.

Yusuf Estes knows he has no qualifications. Sadly, he knows that the only reason he is given the stage to speak on behalf of islam is because of his white skin and his American nationality. From his own words:

Now in the 17 years I’ve been Muslim, I doubt I learned enough to even qualify for being a good da’ee [preacher]. The only reason they let me come and do it is because I’m a white guy from America. But still, I love Islam, I love Allah, and I love this deen, and I wish more people knew about it. OK? There’s my qualification, that’s it.

Source: Wake Up!, a 2010 lecture by Yusuf Estes in Australia, uploaded to YouTube [link]. These statements begin at precisely 21:34 of the video.

Don’t be fooled! You can see that Yusuf Estes understands clearly why so many da’wah organizations and TV stations prefer him over qualified preachers. He is a white American and that is his qualification to speak on behalf of Islam. He clearly knows this reality, yet he chooses to deceive his audiences into thinking he has some kind of educational background in Islam that could qualify him to speak on behalf of the Religion.

It is not character assassination to expose a deceitful ignoramus for what he is, so that the Muslims are not led into further harm at his hands, trusting him and thinking him to be qualified. In fact, to continue the charade and remain silent about an unqualified preacher corrupting the core teachings of Islam is a severely treacherous sin. Those who know his reality but choose to keep the “da’wah machine” going as is have a lot to answer for in front of their Lord on the Day of Judgment.

Written by: Moosaa Richardson

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