Yusuf Estes: Lying Causes a Muslim to go to Hell Forever (Belief of Khawaarij Sect)

In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Ever Merciful…

According to the traditional Muslim beliefs of Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jamaa’ah, lying is a horrible sin that nullifies a person’s credibility and leads him on a path toward the Hellfire. It is the dangerous Khawaarij Sect who believe that lying, like other major sins, takes a Muslim outside of the fold of Islam.

  • According to Ahlus-Sunnah, a liar is a sinner whose testimony and narrations are not acceptable.
  • According to the Khawaarij Sect, a liar is a disbeliever outside of Islam.

Of which belief is controversial American preacher Yusuf Estes? We will allow him to speak for himself:

In Islam, the first thing you need to know is: We are commanded by Allah to tell the truth. If we don’t tell the truth, we can go to Hell forever. Now you might not realize how valuable this is by the way, but to the one that’s not Muslim, he doesn’t realize how much we value the truth, and that we would rather die than lie, because this is very bad in Islam – to be a liar. A kaathib, a liar, this is not acceptable, he’ll never go to Paradise.

Source: A Huda TV lecture entitled, “Obligation of Calling Non Muslims to Islam & Its Methods.” (Uploaded to YouTube many times under many different accounts) (YouTube/SafeShare)

This is yet another case of an unqualified preacher speaking freely and opposing basic Muslim beliefs. This website has documented many similar incidents wherein Yusuf Estes has blatantly violated traditional Islamic teachings.

This incident is especially ironic, given the number of times Yusuf Estes has been caught in outright lies against Allah, the Religion of Islam and its scholars.

So according to his own personal beliefs that liars will never go to Paradise, rather they will go to the Hellfire forever, Yusuf Estes has made takfeer of himself, declaring himself outside of Islam and barred himself from entering Paradise, doomed to go to Hell forever.*

Those close to Yusuf Estes who truly love him should say to him: Yusuf, have Mercy on yourself. Retract this and all your other false beliefs and seek Allah’s Forgiveness. Allah is most Gracious and Tolerant of His Creation. You previously led a life of polytheism and then Allah graciously favored you and guided you to repent. Why be arrogant and insist on all these false beliefs? Why not turn to your most Gracious and Tolerant Lord and ask Him to forgive you and guide you?

*Even though Yusuf Estes has lied numerous times claiming that we have declared him to be a disbeliever, this is simply not true. Identifying and warning against his many teachings of kufr (disbelief) does not necessitate that we declare him to be a disbeliever. May Allah guide him to truthfulness.

7 responses to “Yusuf Estes: Lying Causes a Muslim to go to Hell Forever (Belief of Khawaarij Sect)

  1. What about the hadeeth where they asked the Prophet (peace be upon him), Can a Muslim be cowardly? He said: “YES” (possibly). Stingy? “YES”. A liar? He said: “NO” (not possible). (Muwata)

    • Thank you for your question, fellow student. The hadeeth you have asked about was collected by Al-Imaam Maalik in his Muwatta’, on the authority of Safwaan ibn Sulaym, who narrated it directly from the Prophet (sallallaahu ‘alayhe wa sallam). Safwaan was a taabi’ee, who mostly narrated from other taabi’ees, so this chain is broken (mursal), and thus the hadeeth cannot be considered authentic. Shaykh Ibn Baaz called the hadeeth unauthentic in the Fatwaas of the Permanent Committee (4/433). (Arabic)

      While noting that many serious warnings against lying are found in authentic narrations, like one of the signs of a hypocrite being lying, and the hadeeth (which means): “Be warned of lying, as lying leads to wickedness, and wickedness leads to the Fire…” (Bukhari/Muslim) And Allaah knows best.

  2. Didn’t you prove Yusuf Estes correct by the Sahih hadith of Bukhari? He said lying “can” lead you to the fire. That’s what the hadith infers.

  3. Jazakhallahu khairan for such informative work bother. May allah azzawajal bless you tremendously for this great effort.

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