The Scandal Continues: Yusuf Estes Was “Misunderstood” and “Misinterpreted”

Yusuf Estes finally responds to the email sent earlier (8-21-2012) asking for clarification.  His reply is very lengthy, but has some important points of interest.  He says, for example:

Yes, you are right. No doubt about this statement. But understand, this was not my intent anyway.

Put your mind at ease, we were only attempting to show the non-Muslims the difference between the Bible and the Quran, in that the Quran is preserved in the “recited” form and does not depend only on a written scripture that has changed and been edited over the centuries, like the Bible has.

And then the whole thing is blown out of proportion, as usual, by us Muslims.

May Allah Guide us all and forgive us, ameen.

Yusuf Estes seems to want his followers to believe that no mistake actually happened.  Rather it was just some people who misunderstood his speech and blew it out of proportion.  He further explains:

Unfortunately, I did not take into consideration the way some people would want to interpret my talks to the non-Muslims and then try to compare these things to what was said in the past by the great scholars of Islam.

So clearly, Yusuf Estes thinks his followers will blindly accept that some people have misinterpreted his talks, and this is the source of all the confusion.  Again, praise be to Allah, Muslims all over the world are waking up the reality of his teachings and are simply not falling for this kind of trickery anymore.

In the same email, Yusuf writes:

But even then, the conclusion made by those who read it was, both the word Quran and the word Kitab are used to represent the revelation of Allah. Which of course, we all know.

However, the title said “Quran is NOT kitab?”

Notice the question mark? It was not intended as a statement, it was a question to get the readers stimulated to want to check it out. I have to say, that part worked – maybe all to well, right?

Again, Muslims who read the original article and have since educated themselves by reading the PDF know clearly which beliefs he was promoting with that article.  In the same email, Yusuf says:

This whole incident has caused a number of serious problems and difficulties for all of us working as volunteers for the sake of getting the message out to the non-Muslims, due to putting so much time into this instead of continuing our efforts to show the others the importance of knowing about Allah, His Book and the Prophet, peace be upon him.

This whole incident has woken the Muslims up about some very dangerous mistakes in basic Muslim beliefs, and to Allah is the praise.  If Yusuf Estes is truly dedicated to the message of Islam like he claims, he will allow the clarifications of his blasphemous errors to reach the people, so they could be guided in issues he has misled them in, without interfering to save his name or confuse the people further.

A Ray of Light Pokes Through

It is worth mentioning that in the same email Yusuf Estes says:

After reading so much from these people, I began to think I don’t know what I am talking about.

This is the realization that we ask Allah to foster.  This is exactly what people all over the world are naturally concluding about his teachings after they compare them to the true teachings of Islam, as the PDF does so precisely, by Allah’s Permission.  It is indeed a cold, bitter dose of reality, and it is only the Shaytan and his human allies who would aid Yusuf Estes to ignore it and turn away from it.  May Allah bless him to confront it and deal with it as a real man in the Path of Allah, in a manner pleasing to Allah.

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