“The Quran is Not a Book” – Jahmiyyah Teachings Continue to Spread

As of today, Yusuf Estes still continues to use unsuspecting Muslims’ zakaat money and other charitable donations to spread the false teachings of the ancient disbelieving cult of the “Lafthiyyah”, from the offshoots of the heretical Jahmiyyah Sect, among other repulsive errors in basic Muslim creed.

Here is a screenshot of a prominent article, “Ten Points and Eleven Tips to Give Shahadahs,” as found on the main page of Yusuf Estes’ website “IslamNewsRoom”, taken just today:

Yusuf Estes' Jahmiyyah Scandal Continues Unabated

Yusuf Estes (May 4, 2013): “Let them understand that the Quran is not a book…”

The aricle was written by Yusuf Estes himself for Muslims who want to call others to Islam.  Notice that he explains the very first point that should be explained to a non-Muslim about the Quran:

Let them know that the Quran is not a book…

This is the very belief that Yusuf Estes claims he never believed or taught.  It is also the same belief that he claims to have misunderstood, but retracted and clarified in other occasions!  Quite obviously, if he continues to spread this corrupt belief, then he still believes it, and he has clearly not retracted it, as his supporters and TV co-stars tend to claim, without being able to actually produce anything resembling a retraction.

UPDATE: (Aug. 31, 2013) The above passage remains as quoted.

[Resource: What’s wrong with saying the Quran is not a written book?]

10 Years of Jahmiyyah

On another of his prominent websites, IslamTomorrow, an article from 2003 is still featured which includes the answer of Yusuf Estes to woman’s question about the basics of dawah.  In his answer, he says:

QURAN-NOT-BOOK-islamtomorrow 05052013-2

Yusuf Estes (2003): “Let them understand that the Quran is not a book…”

This 10-year old answer, the screenshot of which was taken moments ago, remains identical to today’s answer, and thus it is known that Yusuf Estes has been promoting the beliefs of the Jahmiyyah for at least ten years, and he continues to do so.

Ongoing Scandal and Deception

Quite clearly, for a scandal like this to continue on until today, after many false claims of retraction and repentence, and other lying words of outright denial, a lot of Muslims are being tricked!  We ask Allah to save them from such deception, and to open their eyes to the reality of Yusuf Estes.

Is it not time for the sick personality worship to end? An ignorant, uneducated man continues to freely revive ancient innovation which amounts to disbelief, after months and months of being advised and corrected, both publicly and privately.

Yusuf Estes has been described by Islam’s scholars as “astray, leading others astray,” someone who “has lost his mind,” someone who “doesn’t know anything about Islam,” and someone who “the Shaytan speaks upon his tongue.” (click here and here)

Yet, he still makes his living traveling around the world to speak on behalf of Islam and the Muslims, eating the Muslims’ zakaat money to spread this falsehood. We pray that our beloved brothers and sisters will wake up and realize they have been oppressively swindled, before they continue to assist – financially or otherwise – in such destructive efforts any further.

Further Reading & Follow-Up

Please take the time to read the following informative e-book which details the severity of the problems with Yusuf Estes and his corrupt beliefs:

Yusuf Estes & the Quran (PDF)

UPDATE – Two Months Later the Quran is Still not a Book!

As of the 22nd of Sha’baan 1434 (July 1, 2013), the quote above remains on the Islam Newsroom website, “Let them understand that the Quran is not a book…” While the article has been updated many times since this article was published, no effort has been made to remove the misguided beliefs of the Jahmiyyah.

In fact, on May 22, a visitor even posted the following question:


Changing “the Quran is not a book” to “the Quran is not JUST a book,” Yusuf’s usual method of covering for his mistakes, would not remove any “ambiguity,” as the statement is very clear and blatantly offensive to Ahlus-Sunnah. Making that change would actually remove the kufr (disbelief) of the Jahmiyyah Cult found in it.

Even with this plea from his own visitors, the Jahmiyyah teachings of Yusuf Estes go on being propagated, disproving those who would like to believe that Yusuf Estes has retracted such evil beliefs and embraced the beliefs of the Muslims regarding the Quran.

UPDATE: (Aug. 31, 2013) No reply offered to the visitor, and no change in the passage, tell the non-Muslims that the Quran is not a book. May Allah guide Yusuf Estes.

2 responses to ““The Quran is Not a Book” – Jahmiyyah Teachings Continue to Spread

  1. It seems he is confused, because sometimes he refers to the Quran as a book, and sometimes he negates that. Even in the quote above, he refers to the Quran as a book, after negating that.

  2. Thank you for mentioning this. Actually, anyone who directly opposes the Quran must land in self-contradiction. It is the nature of falsehood, that it is self-contradictory, while the Truth is free of contradictions. As Allah has said in the Quran (4:82) what means: “Do they not contemplate the Quran? Had it been from other than Allah, they would have found many contradictions in it.”

    So we should not be surprised to see someone contradicting himself when he opposes the Quran, the Sunnah, and the consensus of the entire Muslim ummah. Rather, it is the expected result of such deviance.

    What is amazing is that some people think it could be an angle through which to defend his teachings!!

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