Muslim Day Parade (2013) in New York City: Music, Women, Rappers, Shiite, Nation of Islam, GuideUS TV


Sept. 22, 2013 – New York City

youtube-islam-day-parade-09222013-iran-flag-estes-2In a grand display of flag waving, chanting, and music not from the Islamic Religion,  a few hundred Muslims and non-Muslims gathered in New York City today to march in the 28th annual “United American Muslim Day Parade”, blocking traffic in the busy city for nearly an hour in a flagrant violation of many basic Islamic teachings.

Islam teaches women to be modest and conceal their beauty, yet they were on display in large numbers during the parade. Not only were many women improperly dressed, many actually raised their voices chanting in the streets or took positions atop floats waving to seemingly uninterested pedestrians. (The parade did not draw much of a crowd.)

Islam teaches Muslims to praise and remember their Lord constantly throughout the day and night, in humbly concealed utterances of sincerity. Muslims – male or female – who raise their voices unnecessarily violate an important code of behavior in their Religion.

Islam teaches Muslims to respect public streets. In fact, one of the basic religious obligations of any Muslim when in the street is to give directions to anyone who is lost and earnestly try to help him reach his destination. Yet, in this parade of neglect for Islamic manners, busy New York streets were actually blocked off for about an hour and New Yorkers were actually hindered from getting to their destinations, in order to enable marching bands to beat their drums and blow their trumpets for the mixed groups of marchers and demonstrators, waving American, Iranian, Nation of Islam, and other flags and banners.

The ASMA group marches and denounces Salafism, demanding a birthday parade for Islam's prophet.

“Say NO to Wahabism Or Salafism”

One group called ASMA, the “American Sunni Muslim Alliance”, marched along with a large banner denouncing “Salafism” and “Wahabism”, whilst demanding a “birthday parade” for Islam’s Prophet (may Allah raise his rank and grant him peace). The Religion of Islam does not endorse or sanction any birthday celebrations for any of the prophets in any way.

Its never too late to get guided, even if you are in the middle of a parade!

Get guided with

Immediately behind the ASMA group came controversial American preacher Yusuf Estes and his GuideUS TV float, complete with a cordially waving Muslim woman up high on display.

Immediately following the GuideUS TV float and its monstrous advertisements for a wireless communication company (the largest ads of the parade), was another group of happy flag-wavers, including a woman with no hijab at all waving the Shiite Iranian flag, and an American man carrying the (so-called) “Nation of Islam” flag.

A marcher in the American Muslim Day Parade waves the Nation of Islam flag right behind the GuideUS TV float with Yusuf Estes.

Floats in the Parade: Yusuf Estes and the Nation of Islam 2013

This last bit of misguided flag-waving marked the finale of the day’s debacle, and Muslims concerned about the image of Islam can breathe somewhat of a sigh of relief that this shameful disgrace in the name of our noble Religion is now behind us, at least for another year.

NOTE: Not only was Yusuf Estes a central attraction in the event, he advertised and broadcast it on GuideUS TV and his websites, like IslamNewsRoom.


3 responses to “Muslim Day Parade (2013) in New York City: Music, Women, Rappers, Shiite, Nation of Islam, GuideUS TV

  1. And what about all the flagarant violations going on in your coutry of residence – Saudi Arabia. Where is your write up of the violations done on 23rd Sepetember on Saudi National day?

  2. What a disgrace ! I watched the parade on youtube [link removed] and it was like 10 or so groups of Muslims with the banners and flags. Most of the time the street was empty. It was such fail that the police started letting across traffic in between the huge gaps of nobody marching the parade. The people on the floats were waiving to no body ! Really, it seemed the only people on the sidewalks were those waiting for the parade to finish so they could cross over! Why would any muslims be involved in such stupid event anyway?

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