Be Proactive! What to do if Yusuf Estes is Coming to Your City

In the Name of Allah…

Due to the extensive travels of controversial preacher Yusuf Estes, paired with widespread carelessness about who is given a platform to speak about Islam in many communities, we offer the following recommended courses of action for concerned Muslims of Ahlus-Sunnah in a place where Yusuf Estes is scheduled to appear as a speaker:

  • Seek the Help of Allah earnestly, and ask Him to protect you and the rest of the Muslims in your area from misguidance and what earns His Anger.
  • Spread the word about Yusuf Estes and his real beliefs and teachings by passing on a link to this website to your friends and contacts. Ask them to be serious and actually read the material due to the real, impending danger coming to your community.
  • Read the very important and informative PDF “Yusuf Estes and the Quran” and help spread the word about it.
  • Focus on the information in the PDF about the Jahmiyyah Cult, the Mushab-bihah, and the dangers of speaking about Allah’s Religion without knowledge.
  • Educate yourself about Shia (Shiite) dogma and history, so you can stand firm with Ahlus-Sunnah against those who call to their treacherous scholars and deviant writings.  Review this website for expositions of their history, beliefs, and plots to harm the Muslims.
  • Recommend the Arabic verson of this website to your Arab friends and contacts.
  • Advise, advise, advise! Use this standard letter (PDF) to express concern and offer private advice to your local board members or community leaders that have some connection to the visit of Yusuf Estes.  Copy and paste it, and use it as a fax, letter, or email to help raise awareness.
  • Be kind to your neighboring communities and extend advice to them as well.  Don’t suffice with just your own masjid or community.  Do your best to guide and protect your brothers and sisters, by Allah’s Permission, outside of your normal circles as well.
  • Listen to the following words of our elder scholar of al-Madeenah, Shaykh ‘Ubayd al-Jaabiree (may Allah preserve him), about the teachings of Yusuf Estes:

BE PROACTIVE and don’t be complacent!  We’ve recently witnessed a careless organization host Yusuf Estes, after knowing about the extent of his dangerous teachings.  They claimed he was just coming to invite non-Muslims to Islam, yet he was requested to give the Friday sermon, and he ended up introducing a new form of tash-beeh to the Muslims from the minbar, claiming that Allah’s Ascension over the Throne resembles the actions of people lining up for congregational prayer!  [Archived with details here.]

Don’t underestimate the seriousness of the kinds of innovation Yusuf Estes spreads.  He carries a nasty cocktail of some of the worst of the deviant creeds, and has proven himself ready, willing and able to unleash it upon the Muslims when given the chance.

May Allah bless and protect the sincere Muslims from all forms of deviation!

2 responses to “Be Proactive! What to do if Yusuf Estes is Coming to Your City

  1. I came her from the ########kening forum. The brothers said that Yusuf Estes has repented from these mistakes, and that you are going overboard… (question abridged)

    • Thank you for visiting and taking the time to comment. If it is true that some people claiming Islam as their reilgion are making light of these issues, then remind them – seeking Allah’s pleasure alone – to fear Allah regarding disbelief, and that a real Muslim fears going back to disbelief like they would fear going into a blazing fire, and that is a sign of tasting the sweetness of faith. A clear sign of weak faith (at least, full blown hypocrisy at most) is an indifference to the spread of disbelief. (So what about those who actually promote it and defend it!?)

      As detailed here on this website with clear evidence directly from the mouth of Yusuf Estes, he denies affairs of the Hereafter established by the speech of the Messenger of Allah (may Allah raise his rank and grant him peace), he rejects love and hatred for the Sake of Allah, he has openly endorsed the Iranian “Ja’fari” Shiite math-hab for at least five years, etc. His blasphemous teachings that the Quran is NOT a written book that you hold in your hand is a clear violation of basic Muslim creed, one that the imams of the Muslims have always rejected and considered outside of Islam, This has literally been spread to millions of people for at least eight years on satellite TV stations and internet websites.

      If someone fails to see the gravity of the matter, then it is likely due to gross negligence in Islamic knowledge (“compound ignorance” when people think they actually know things and speak like authorities), along with drowning in sins, or being overwhelmed by hizbiyyah and/or hypocritical hatred for students of knowledge who are busy spreading clarity in ‘aqeedah. They should be advised to repent and renew their sincerity to Allah alone, so He – the Most High – could guide them to clarity in issues of Islam and kufr.

      I would advise that you avoid silly chat sites and frivolous blogs where people make light of serious Islamic issues, and instead focus on using the internet to learn your religion from the scholars of Islam and the reliable websites that spread sound verifiable knowledge. May Allah give you success and keep far you from harm.

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