Scandal Continues: “Quran is not Kitab… or is it?”

Comments from an unnamed “EDITOR” appear on Yusuf Estes’ website “Islam News Room” responding to concerns expressed by visitors, over the article, originally named:

Quran is not kitab… or is it?

The “EDITOR” remarks that the question mark means that the article was not actually saying the Quran is not a kitab, rather it was posing a question to draw interest to the article.  Yusuf Estes himself also sends similar words of “clarification” to one of his (former) followers in a private email.

Those who read the original article before it was later edited, and those who have educated themselves by looking at the actual teachings of Yusuf Estes over the past decade (gathered in the PDF), know exactly what he intended, based on his legacy of teachings.

Another attempt to pull the wool over innocent Muslims’ eyes is exposed, and to Allah is the praise.  Scandalous deceit will never aid Islam or rectify anyone’s condition.

On this day, (this website) was launched to help the clarifications of the errors of Yusuf Estes reach a broader audience.  May Allah bless it and make is a source of benefit for the Muslims.

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