Tafseer – Yusuf Estes explains the Quran (85:22) “In a Preserved Tablet”

Yusuf Estes explains his understanding of the closing Verses of Soorah al-Burooj, saying:

This (referring to the Quran) is something more than pieces of paper and ink. As we mentioned in the previous program, a person could change this, right here by just putting ink in there and changing it around, or rip a page out – I hope they don’t do that, that’s not nice. But it really doesn’t change the Quran. It changes this book. It changes this mus-haf, yes, but you can’t change the Quran, why? Because, first of all, Allah tells us that the Quran is actually with Him, “fee lowhin mahfooth” (in the Preserved Tablet) [85:22], which means: it’s with Allah in Paradise, and nobody can touch it, none can touch this except the Angels of Allah, nobody can even approach it…

Source: “Beauties of the Quran,” part 2 of 2, at precisely 1:50 to 2:27, produced by Huda TV, from the series called “Beauties of Islam.”  On YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBD3fBk14xU (uploaded on May 26, 2011).

Important Commentary

We affirm that the Quran is indeed in al-Lowh al-Mahfooth, as Allah says clearly, what means:

( Nay, it is an honorable Quran, in a Preserved Tablet ) [85:22]

We also affirm that He has also sent it down to mankind, and what is found in the mus-hafs is considered Quran by clear scholarly consensus.  The Messenger (may Allah raise his rank and grant him peace) forbade the Companions from traveling to the enemy lands “with the Quran.” He obviously intended the written Quran, and he called it “Quran” explicitly.

Anyone who uses the Verse in Soorah al-Burooj to restrict our understanding of the Quran to only what is in al-Lowh al-Mahfooth has spoken on behalf of Allah with lies, directly opposed the clear speech of the Messenger of Allah (may Allah raise his rank and grant him peace), and opposed the consensus of Ahlus-Sunnah. Allah says, what means:

( And whoever contradicts the Messenger after guidance has become clear to him, following a way other than the path of the believers, we shall turn him to what he has turned himself towards and put him in the Hellfire, what an evil abode! ) [4:115]

Imam al-Aajurree (d.360) said:

“Those who claim that this Quran is only a narration of the Quran which is in al-Lowh al-Mahfooth have lied.” [Ash-Sharee’ah, 1/534]

He also stated:

“For someone to say: ‘This Quran that the people read, which is in the mus-hafs, is (only) a narration of what is in al-Lowh al-Mahfooth’ is an evil statement, one that the scholars hate. It should be said to someone who says this: The Quran declares you a liar and rejects your statements, and the Sunnah declares you a liar and rejects your statements!” [Ash-Sharee’ah, 1/535]

So to Yusuf Estes and his supporters who refuse to abandon these mistaken teachings, we convey to you what the imams of the Salaf asked us to convey to you:

The Quran and Sunnah declare you liars and reject your statements!

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