Yusuf Estes: Most Muslims Would Get Their Heads Chopped off in an Islamic State

In the Name of Allah…

Many Muslims are accustomed to Western critics of Islam claiming that Islam is a barbaric religion of intolerance and brutal punishments, and that Islamic law would mean that masses of people would face beheadings or have their limbs chopped off.  Muslims commonly try their best to counter these misconceptions held by many non-Muslims, using proofs of Islam’s tolerance and leniency, and examples of how peace, freedom, and prosperity flourished under various Islamic rulers of the past.

No Muslim would ever expect to hear a person who claims Islam as his religion suggesting that Islamic law would mean that most Muslims would get their heads chopped off!

Aside from claiming that Islam is not a religion of tolerance, and that Allah Himself has zero tolerance [click here for proof], during his 2008 Malaysian tour, controversial preacher, Yusuf Estes, actually stated that most Muslims would get their heads chopped off under Islamic law!!  The following are his exact words:

How many of you know that most of the Muslims today – if we lived in an Islamic state – you’d be lucky if they didn’t cut our heads off!  I’m serious!  If somebody really wanted to go through and apply Islamic law, really, all at once, on us, we couldn’t take it…

Source: this video

Muslims are simply left speechless!  It seems that Yusuf Estes does not have a clue what Islamic law is, yet like many other important topics, his disgusting rants of ignroance on the topic are still spread through lectures all over the world.

Furthermore, this is a very strange concept for Yusuf Estes to teach, since he believes firmly that real Islamic law does not actually even include a death penalty for apostasy.  This is his conclusion after his many debates with Muslim scholars on the topic (as he says)! (Refer to this Arabic article for English quotes from Yusuf’s writings on apostasy.)

Enough is enough!  Read the following informative e-book to learn about the many dangerous mistakes of Yusuf Estes, and share it with your friends and contacts for the sake of Allah, so you can keep yourselves out of harm’s way:

Yusuf Estes and the Quran (PDF)

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